#354 of 366 BPC: My Dad’s home made chicken noodle soup

My wife is very thankful to all the ladies who joined yesterday’s blog photo challenge. She really appreciated all your entries and beautiful pictures. I hope that you please continue to share your pictures until the 31st of December.

My wife is featuring my Dad‘s home made chicken noodle soup as her 19th day of hosting the blog photo challenge. I found my wife sleeping in front of the fireplace this morning. I think she caught my virus I feel so bad. I am getting better. She even wake up early in the morning to make my lunch to bring to work I told her last night that I will go back to work. Unfortunately, when I wake up this morning, my body is not ready to go back to work I do not want my co-workers to get sick.

I ask her if she can make coffee. I know that she made some cups of coffee when she woke up this morning. It is not fresh anymore. She still wakes up despite not feeling better. She cleaned the kitchen. We will go to Wal-Mart to buy more presents for the kids. We also need to buy gifts from the money that my parents give to them. We will drop the gifts to their house after we shop.

Dad gave me this home-made chicken noodle soups. The soup is still frozen. My wife said that my Dad cooked the best soup. I think she is telling the truth. I want to say thank you Dad for these soup. This will help me feel better.

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4 Responses to #354 of 366 BPC: My Dad’s home made chicken noodle soup

  1. Chie says:

    It is so sweet of your dad for making the soup and of your wife too for always being there even do she does not feel better. I hope you both will get better soon.

    Sis Jes, i am making up with my absences in BPC. pasensya kaau sis…was busy jud and connection too doesn’t permit.

  2. Rcel says:

    A soup is a perfect dish to have when we’re sick! Good to know that The Dad is always there to give you that. So comforting! Sorry about your flu! I hope you guys feel better the soonest! Grapefruits na Momi Jess! Akong amiga nga si Edna sa Illinois, after I told her that grapefruits are our only meds for flu and colds, mao iyang gihimo. Grapefruits in the morning, noon, and night, wala gud iyang sore throat and ubo in just 2 days! 🙂 As in effective jud. 🙂

  3. Shydub says:

    awww get well soon mami jess. I think this flu virus is everywhere. mu husband got some too and I got some couple of weeks ago and still have a little colds and sore throat. Anyway, your dad’s homemade noodles looks yum. The noodles here in the US is different from the pinas noodle soup.

  4. emzkie says:

    that chicken noodles must be really good especially that its made by your dad.

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