#355 of 366 BPC: A $50 off from Bonton

My wife is very thankful for all the ladies who joined yesterday’s blog photo challenge. You still can join if you have not. She appreciated all your entries. She is still sick but trying to return all the comments that were left in this journal.

On the 20th day of hosting this blog photo challenge, my wife will feature a coupon that she received in the mail the other day. It is from Bonton store which is very close to where we live. You can avail this $50 off if you purchase products worth $100. It will run for three days only starting today up to Saturday. My wife wants to use this coupon for myself. I told her I do not want anything. She is stubborn. She said that it is not fair to buy me gifts on Christmas and not giving me anything. I told her it is because it is her birthday. She said Christmas and her birthday is the same. My wife is very understanding. You should know her personally, will do anything for you and for a friend. Sometimes people will take advantage of her having a heart of gold.

What about you? Did you buy a gift for your husband or boyfriend already? My wife is asking for tips as she does not know what to give me.

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6 Responses to #355 of 366 BPC: A $50 off from Bonton

  1. Chie says:

    sad to hear sis Jess is still hope. I hope she’ll get better by Christmas time. Seriously, is it really her birthday on December 25? If so, allow me to greet her a very happy birthday. Get well soon sissy! as for the gift to the other half, although we are currently not in good terms but I have been thinking of getting him custom printed shirts. He used to like when he was here.

  2. Shydub says:

    yay, $50 is a good savings already. You have a very sweet and thoughtful wife. i think she also want to splurge in shopping and use you as an alibi hehehe just kidding.

  3. raya says:

    wow! that’s very nice of your wife indeed! coupons are indeed very useful in shopping especially for Christmas. here for bpc again!

  4. Rcel says:

    I love that coupon! I would sure use that myself if that’s mine! 🙂 Paying $50 only for my shopped $100 is just awesome! 🙂 Advanced happy birthday momi Jess! Yes, you do have a kind heart and helpful hand! I have proven that through my pakisuyo sa imoha for a countless times now. I hope di ka magsawa sa akoa Momi Jess! :))

    BTW, imong BPC 355 kay 155. Pati ang 354 and 356 nanga-1 ang 3. Hehehe…

  5. emzkie says:

    wow that is cool! i got my husband a camouflage cap light and a set of thermos to keep his coffee warm. =)

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