Can you recognize pest from this puzzle

Yesterday, I was checking my chicken when out of the blue, there was a bee bit me on the neck. It was very painful. I did not expect that bee stinging me. I told my wife and my kids not to get close to the chicken coop. We check around the chicken coop and found a huge hornet’s nest. I spray the nest as fast as I can and running. I have to come back that night to spray the hornet’s nest and step on it to destroy the nest.

My kids are officially in their summer break since yesterday afternoon. I can now spend more time with them during my day off from work. My little girl wants to search more about the hornet’s in the computer. She also loves to do puzzle. I wonder if she is familiar with any of this pest test puzzle. How about you? How many pest can you recognize? Familiarizing many of them can help us prevent and just be safe f you are around with them.

Pest is not fun and is not safe to have. You can learn more about how to prevent them from this Website. I know that my wife has dangerous pest back in her home town. She lives in a tropical country where it is very warm and pest can live easily. We only have the wasp and other bees that come out in the summer.

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