Chicken Mc bites and apple juice from Mc Donald’s

I drove the kids to Mc Donalds last week. I have a coupon of buy one take one chicken Mc bites sent in the mail. I want to try the chicken because it has limited time only. I say it was delicious despite being in small pieces. The chicken is so crunchy. The kids have their kiddies’ meals. My son has a cheese burger and the little girl has a chicken nuggets.
The apple juice is for my little girl. Have you try the chicken Mc Bites yet? If not you should check out your Mc Donald’s. They both have green on them that is why I am linking it to Green Monday.


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8 Responses to Chicken Mc bites and apple juice from Mc Donald’s

  1. Jhengpot says:

    I love minute made 🙂

  2. Deli says:

    Thanks a lot for the visit 🙂 That’s nice that your little girl had apple juice with her Mc bites. Having juice is healthier than taking soft drinks 🙂

  3. Leovi says:

    I love chicken but I prefer the pineapple juice.

  4. Dhemz says:

    perfect for green monday entry! ayay, you finally got a taste of the chicken mcbites mamijess….:) I love it better than kfc’s kay not too salty…barato pa!

  5. SavvyMama says:

    visiting back mamiJess from my other blog…thanks for dropping by!

  6. emzkie says:

    u should try from Wendys. their chicken nuggets are very good. wala pa ko ka try anang McBites. pero dili naman kaau mi naga McDo ron, kay dili na kaau muuyon ang mga tiyan sa akong mga sakop sa mcdo. =(

    thanks for ur visit on my greenmonday mommy!

  7. minute maid from mc donalds, that’s really nice , i hope we can have that here too. thanks for sharing.  Green Monday Meme

  8. lanie says:

    minute made drinks is my favorite drinks, but i cannot take it this one!
    Hope you could visit me here Wifey Online Diary

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