Gift cards from Lowe’s

My wife ordered a hammock from Lowe’s online. We picked it up at the store and left without checking the box. We came home and the hammock is broken. They gave me a new hammock. I was very ahoy with the replacement. My daughter loves the hammock. She wants me to swing her higher. I know I have a little adventurer with me.


I was very surprised that I received these two gift cards from Lowe’s. I think that is very sweet of them. I received one $10 off if you spend $50 and one $25 off if you spend $250 worth of your orders. I do not know if I want to order in Lowe’s anymore, that is a long drive from where we live. What about you? Do you live close to Lowe’s? Do you want to save some money on your next project? I could send you the gift cards if you want.

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