Green frog at the pond

This is one frog that we see at our pond. It was warm that day that the frogs are out. I think this frog is still asleep. He looks so adorable. My kids did not bother to try to catch it. They love to catch frog though especially in the summer. We check for frogs around the pond and we saw five frogs jumping except this one. The next morning this frog is cannot be found anymore. We live in a country side and hearing frogs’ noises are not new. My husband loves the sound of it. Do your kids like to catch frogs too? I am linking this entry to #77 of 366 Blog Photo Challenge and Green Monday.

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14 Responses to Green frog at the pond

  1. Deli says:

    I don’t like frogs and so I find it amusing that you and your kids seem to enjoy them πŸ™‚ My husband teases me a lot about frogs. Thanks for the visit.

  2. jheylo says:

    was here paying a visit πŸ˜€ from

    frogs…. this reminds me of my children, they always pretend to be like a frog, make the sound of it and hops like a frog too πŸ˜€ we never seen frogs in the wild yet here in America. we saw it at the zoo though.

  3. anygen says:

    agoy sis J, frog —frog—frog— dili ko ani! Mahadluk ko, agoy imung kiddos anad diay manakop tawon ani… dili jud sila mahadluk ba! Here in norway wala pako kita ug bake. Pero na remember nako mga 6 years old pa tali ko ato naay bake nga makaon ug lami kaau murag manok… pak! hehe.. agi ko.. wafa.
    Here is my entry:

  4. Gagay says:

    kukak kukak diay ni!ahiihi!

    ..dropping by from BPC #77.

  5. Lulu says:

    bwahahah kang Anne… lami na frog legs Anne.

    SAba man na frogs mami oi… i am glad wala na dire.

    Visiting late for bpc. Check mine:

  6. emzkie says:

    we used to have one here by our pond. it was a big one. nawala naman karon oi. wala nako nakadungog niya ni kukak. lol

    from BPC

  7. Dhemz says:

    ayay! nahan ko sa iyang color mami…sos, kami pod woi naanad nami sa koka-koka…hahaha…naa man jud pond sa among luyo…nya daghan pa jud mga gangis…usahay naa baka mag imaaaaaaaaa…whaaaaaa! hahhaha…:) si Akesh kay wapa ka hawid sa koka…hhehee!

    thanks for joining BPC!

  8. Pinx says:

    wala pa ko kita green frog mommy Jess. nah si Bogs is so talawan jud… hahahaha.. unya ang mga frogs diri kay brown man nga dagku kaayo unya gukdon sa among iro. hehehe.. bpc 77 hop here.

  9. Leovi says:

    A delightful picture, I love that frog. Greetings.

  10. michi says:

    i don’t like frogs because i’m really scared. =)

  11. cheerful says:

    you have a nice place around…i think kids loves frog especially when its jumping! πŸ™‚ visiting from Green Monday, see you around. thanks as always, have a great weekend. πŸ™‚

  12. honestly, i hate frogs, i just don’t like them now, ha ha ha but when i look back in my childhood days, i so love playing with them that’s why i had this kulogo in my hand, i don’t know what is its english name.

    thanks fro sharing.

  13. tagal ko ng hindi nakakita ng forg..
    parang iban ang frog dyan sa inyo..

  14. Jhengpot says:

    cute naman ng frog..nice photography!

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