How to keep your air conditioning function well

We have a central air in our house. We did not turn it on yet. We did turn it on once last year. Summer is almost here. Western New York weather is crazy. Sometimes it is very warm and sometimes it is very cold. I guess the weather cannot make up his mind. We also have an air conditioning in our room. I turn it on every time during the summer to keep our room cool.

clog popper
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We had many accidents in our house that involves water. I do not want to deal with any problems again. It is costly to call for a serviceman to fix something. My wife told me about this clog popper. How I wish that I know this tool before. It will surely help me fix the water that dripped in our refrigerator couple months ago.

Condensate drains remove condensation from any air-conditioning equipment that uses refrigeration. Equipment like coolers, ice cream machines or ice machines that often use during the warm weather. Condensate drains are always wet. The algae tends to grow inside the drain and cause a blockage. I am sure that you do not want that to happen. It happened to our refrigerator and now the wood underneath our kitchen covers ruined. I need to try this clog popper that my wife advises me. The Clog Popper by Good Day Tools are new products that clears condensate drains. The Clog Popper fits schedule 40 3/4″ PVC, but with the optional accessory pack you can use other drain lines that may be out of reach, are thinner, or smaller. The hose barbs in the accessory pack allows access to vinyl tubing. Do you know that this product has a lifetime warranty? You do not need electricity. It does not need CO2. It is exclusively made in the USA. It has 100 day money back guarantee. It cost less than $20. You can purchased at Ebay or Amazon.

This is very easy to use too. You can check out the videos here to learn about how easy this product to use. I need to buy this tool. I am sure that I can fix our refrigerator when it leaks. How about you? Do you have a problem with your refrigerator or air conditioning? Why calling a service man when you can fix it by yourself with this amazing tool.

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9 Responses to How to keep your air conditioning function well

  1. jane says:

    I cant remember that we had this problem. We are just renting this condo as we move house more often to another country whenever there’s things to be done a professional is always to make sure its fix since it is not our things here. but as on your side its always better to know how to fix it yourself! Very handy tools!

  2. Josiet says:

    My husband takes care of our AC. He cleans the filter about once a month. So far, we haven’t called the technician for repairs yet. Thank goodness!

  3. jheylo says:

    We don’t have AC at home, we don’t need it since we live nearby the beach. We have fresh and cool air most of the time. This is great info though because people needs to know how to keep AC clean and functioning well.

  4. SheyLuvz says:

    This information is really helpful to those who have ac. typically when the ac not working they don’t check what’s going on they just call a repairman. it saves us money if we know how to check the ac and having this information give us idea what to do when the ac get clogged up and clean it up by themselves

  5. papaleng says:

    Wish we have this tool when we are into air-con and ref repair. Very useful .

  6. Lainy says:

    We have a centralized AC unit in my Mom’s house located in the lounge room and the other one in my room. I make it a point that we have both ACs serviced for it’s regular maintenance cleaning every quarter. It means more cost but consequently would prevent any serious damage to the ACs. It would have been more handy if one member of the family knows how to maintain the ACs.

  7. marri says:

    We never had any problems regarding our refrigerator and AC but this clog popper is a great tool for DIY repairs.

  8. Quimz says:

    This post is very useful. You don’t have to call a repairman if you have these information and tips.

  9. Cheerful says:

    i remember having problem with our aircon back when we still lives in Phnom Penh, and this clog popper is really nice thing to have. anyway, now that we are living in an apartment here in Bkk, life is bit easier, no need to worry for things like that because everytime we have problem with aircon and alike, we just need to inform the receptionist at the lobby and staff will come to check it. thanks for sharing about this, good to know as always!

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