I like my son’s classmate’s front yard

This is not our front yard. This is my son’s classmate’s front yard. Does it not look pretty?


How I wish that we have a front yard like this. I love the pathway. We have a pathway too but it needs repair. I hope that next year, our pathway will get fix. I like the flowers on their front yard too. I know I need to plant more flowers on our front yard. The problem with big property is? You have to make sure that you have enough budgets for each project you want. How I wish that I will win a makeover about the front yard. Would you want to win to a yard makes over too?

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11 Responses to I like my son’s classmate’s front yard

  1. Dhemz says:

    I like their frontyard too mamijess…nahan ko sa ila walkway…pero mas ganahan ko sa imo kay daghan kau ug buwak…ehehhee!

  2. Flor says:

    It does looks nice, the paved pathway makes it look like a garden in the park doesn’t it?

  3. jheylo says:

    of course you can do it 😀 ikaw pa? then you have a hubby na hands-on pod i’m sure it’s not hard for you guys to have a front yard like that. team work lang mami jess 😀

  4. Lulu says:

    i love their walkway. We do have a walkway at home but less plants. Maybe someday I will have the budget to improve it.

  5. zoan says:

    Wheeee beautiful front yard! I want to win a front and backyard make over saan ba nay promo?

  6. oo bitaw nice, sige lang momi jess make-over will come soon… have a nice day!

  7. Shela says:

    Nice lanscaping and i like the way the brick lined up!

  8. You can have it mommy do not worry hehe. Nindot bitaw no?

  9. pinoy wit says:

    I love pathways but I prefer the uncultivated, unpaved type. 🙂

  10. haze says:

    Looks like your son’s classmate front yard is very well taken care of. I have a pathway too and like you’ve said, ours is not done that neatly as well. I wish I have more patience. I have the ability but luck of time and patience,that’s all.

  11. emzkie says:

    that is indeed a beautiful front yard. i would like to have a pathway just like that too. =)

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