I am selling this pressure washer machine

Anyone needs a pressure power machine? I am selling this pressure power machine at Craig’s List.


You can check it out if you live close by the area. Why am I am selling my pressure washer machine? I bought a new pressure washer machine. I do not think I need two. This pressure washer machine works great. I used it a couple of times and still is working. You can use it to clean your windows or driveway. I often wash my windows or clean the pool pavement. Why buy a new one if your budget is tight? You can buy my pressure washer machine for $600. I also take offers.

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8 Responses to I am selling this pressure washer machine

  1. Lalah says:

    we have one like this. Though, I really don’t get to use it but hubby and my dad loves this helpful machine.

  2. i never encounter one, i guess this really makes a good washer.

  3. violy says:

    we have a power washer also at work, it’s very useful. Goodluck, hope you find a buyer of your thing soon. 😉

  4. Koko says:

    Thanks for this.. maybe I can ask my friends if they need it…

  5. Franc Ramon says:

    Hope you sell your pressure washer machine.

  6. A pressure washer machine is indeed a handy equipment to have at home.

  7. hope you find a your buyer soon! I’m also a frequent Craig’s list fan when we were in New Orleans!

  8. ralph says:

    love to have this one… but i’m miles away, and i dont have a budget yet… 🙂 Yahweh bless.

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