How to keep your roof safe from disaster

After surviving a storm, it is not unusual for you to access the damage, file insurance claims and begin to rebuild your life. What is unfortunate is knowing that during the midst of uncertainty, some people look for ways to take advantage of your vulnerability. Known as roof scammers, they seek victims searching for experts in roof repair Massachusetts. Their one goal is to put a cheap roof on people’s houses, but charged maximum prices.

Although warnings to beware persist about these types of scammers, people across the country continue to fall victim. There are ways, however, for you to avoid being exploited if one crosses your path.

Signs of a Storm Chaser

Even if the latest storm did not produce torrential rain, wind is often enough to cause damage to your roof. After a thunderstorm, hurricane, hailstorm or tornado, check the condition of your roof. Of course, getting it repaired as soon as possible is a concern. However, you do not want to move too quickly and fall for a scam.

Scammers know how the insurance process works and will base estimates to cheaply fix your roof on its square footage. They only do the bare minimum by replacing the roof without addressing other problems to restore your roof to its original condition.

Typically, the roof you get from a storm chaser lasts for only five or seven years. As a homeowner, you get burned with a poorly constructed roof and the fraudulent company vanishes.

Avoid Roofing Scams after a Storm

The incentive to produce high-quality work is nonexistent with storm chasers. Holding them accountable is not likely to occur because they cannot be found when a problem arises. It is up to homeowners and honest roofing repair companies to put these scammers out of business.

Aside from completing shoddy work, most roof scammers do not have a valid license and will lie about having insurance. Doing your own research is one of the best ways to avoid a scammer. Check their license status with the local licensing agent or building department. Also, ask them to show you proof of insurance.

Visit the roofer’s office. A major red flag is a company that only has a post office box. Request a list of contact information for previous customers, along with visiting the work sites.

A natural disaster is something you cannot predict and often cannot avoid. Nevertheless, you can keep yourself out of harms’ way from roof scammers.

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