My little skater

This was February of 2011 the lasts time we go ice skating by the pond. I felt badly for my little girl that she cannot go ice skating anymore. The weather starts to get warm and the ice starts to melt. She was only four years on this picture. I am very proud of her progress as a skater. She just plays on the snow before by the pond. She will not even wear her skates. The father never gives up on teaching her until the few months of winter. She finally learned how to ice skates. This is how I wish we have snow by the pond. Right now, it is only water. I doubt that we can go ice skating this year. I felt badly because their Daddy bought them new skates and new pucks to play hockey. I am linking this to Me & My Passion #12 of Blog photo challenge

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16 Responses to My little skater

  1. Mrs.D says:

    wow, ka nice jud kay naa man mo sariling skating ring mamiJess…great job princess!

    namuot ko sa imong comment about “sa kabukiran layo ang kasakitan”…ehhehehe!

    • admin says:

      mao lagi Mommy Dhemz ang inahan tahun cge kamomo, nia pa jud paraphernalias mga bubble wrap sa lubot, knee/arm pads ky mabali unya ang mga bukog ni Lola lisod na hehehe. Salamat sa pagbisita ug balik. Laayo ang kasakit basta nia sa bukid ba hehehe

  2. seny says:

    Awe! I’m hoping for a big snow this year for my little one too 🙁 connecting thru 12/366 BPC

    • admin says:

      Thank you Sis Seny for the visit and the comment. I do appreciate it 🙂 I hope that we will get snow too so we can enjoy skating. Visited you back too.

  3. Rcel says:

    maypa si kelsey naka-ice skate na. akoa diri wala pa jud. wa pa namo gipa-sugod. hopefully, next year! 😀 winter is back man mommy jess, so ma-ice pa na inyong pond guro diha. 🙂

    visiting for today’s bpc!

  4. Shydub says:

    i like your front yard mommy very spacious i wanna skate too

    • admin says:

      Visited you back Mommy Shiela. Dali ba aron mag skating pud ta, lumba ta kinsa una madak2x ang lubot weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. emzkie says:

    diri sa amoa kay naay ice skating night sa skating rink. tapos half price ang mga student. one time lang mi ka adto, it was our first time and also the last! hehe.. wa man guy kabalo mo skate sa amoa diri, way mutudlo sa akong anak. dili pud mi mubayad kay sayangan mi, ana akong bana we are asking for injuries lagi daw. lol. wala kaau mi na lingaw atong first time namo kay dili ko kabalo. hahaha… naa ra mi sa side sa akong anak ga gunit anang bakal hehehe. funny kaau mi tan awon. lol. at least naka experience mi mag skate. lol! by the way.. nice kaau inyong pond mommy, ang amoa dili pwede skatetan kay delikads.

    • admin says:

      mao pud ko Mommy Emzkie cge kamomo, hawid lng ko bangko aron nia mutabang ni Lola hehehe. Nilaag ko sa imoa entry pud. Sus duol pa ta, tudluan jud na sa akong bana imong mga anak ky kugihan ni cya mutudlo mao na c Kelsey kabalo na mas master pa sa inahan.

  6. Gengen says:

    Maayo pa ni bataa kabalo kami ani hehhe no how…From photo challenge.

  7. Bless says:

    Wow, is sa akong mga damgo makabalo mag-skates. Unsaon man sab taslakan hehehe
    Visiting for 366BPC!

  8. Pinx says:

    kung ako mag-skates, maumod jud tingali ko unya ang ice sa pond, mabuak…just like in the cartoons.. .hahahaha! was here mommy Jessica from BPC #12.

  9. Chie says:

    there’ll be next time…next winter time. i myself wish i know ice skating

  10. raya says:

    wow, your girl is very brave! i envy your very cold weather there.. and I wish I could skate like her! thanks for the visit mommy J!

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