Our hamster pet bedding

pet bedding, pet bedding
My husband bought the kids their first pet. It is a dwarf hamster and we named him Mickey. He is only two months old. They promise that they will take care of their pet. One way to take care of him is changing his pet bedding. Just like human we change our bedding too. This kind of pet bedding is so soft that Mickey likes it. He even carries it up to the tube and makes it as his bed. The Pets Mart pet store has many kinds of bedding.  We only bought one package since Mickey is so little. I am linking this entry to Green Monday. Do you have any green color? Why don’t you join us here?

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6 Responses to Our hamster pet bedding

  1. Leovi says:

    My son also had, but died at 6 months.

  2. SavvyMama says:

    ka sosyal ba lamang sa hamster ba…ehehhee…lambot man kau ug higdaan….visiting from GM mamijess!

  3. Dhemz says:

    agoy, ka cute kay guyoron nya…gusto ko makakita sa iyang balay mami…ehehehe!

  4. Deli says:

    Haven’t tried a hamster pet before. Thanks for the visit.

  5. You have provided an incredible resource.

  6. last saturday , i was kidding my baby that i will buy her a hamster but she was crying in vain because what she like is a puppy. Maybe, the puppy could wait considering that she is still young to take care of it. thanks for sharing, hoping to see you this week.

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