Our white ceiling fain in the kitchen

I really love it. The electrician did a wonderful job installing it. This one has a switch on the wall. There is a light before the fan. My husband plans to change it with ceiling fan. What I like about my husband is? When he has a project for the house, he really will do it. It is cool now in the kitchen. How I wish we have this in my Mom’s place too. She really needed it as it is very warm in that house. Someday if I will visit her, I will buy her a ceiling fan. Do you have a ceiling fan in your house too? What color you have? I am thankful that my husband picks white. It is perfect for Wednesday Whites entry.

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10 Responses to Our white ceiling fain in the kitchen

  1. Jona says:

    Oh my I remember the ceiling fan that my husband and I are eyeing from the store. We haven’t bought it until now. It’s white too with a simple design. White furniture really look classic. Never goes out of style and very easy to the eyes. Great pick!

    my KID and White entry



  2. emzkie says:

    nice ceiling fan mommy Jes! love the color white. ang amoa pud diri ceiling fan. pero murag antique ni sya na style. naa pa dyud humming bird nagkumbitay. mao to sya ang switch, i pull nimo. naa pud switch sa wall. duha kabuok nasa dining ug living room pareho ug style. kinaraan! lol

    from WW

  3. Leovi says:

    Yes, it’s a good idea, I like more than air conditioning.

  4. Deli says:

    This is a great idea. A fan in the kitchen makes the place cooler 🙂 Thanks for the visit.

  5. Cookie says:

    nice and dainty in color. we are also looking for ceiling fan that fits perfectly in our dining area. was here for WW

  6. Jhengpot says:

    we have…colors are blue and maroon. 🙂

  7. seny says:

    we don’t have ceiling fans 🙁 I kinda want one in our bedroom but the ceiling is low so cant install one.. thanks for stopping by Mama’s Musings for WW

  8. KM says:

    Tamang tama, malapit na din ang summer dito, Jess 😉

    Here for WW ^^

  9. it’s a cute fan, we do have ceiling fan,but in the bedroom ,not in the kitchen. 🙂

  10. It is so neat! Thanks for the visit gurl!

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