Expert Pond and Lake Management

Property that has an existing lake or pond seems like the perfect setting for a home or business. The calm, relaxing views of the water can make the worst stress of the day fade away. There is some maintenance and monitoring of the water and immediate surroundings that needs to happen to keep this area an accessible and pleasant environment.

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Algae Control

Having a pond or lake on your property creates a special natural setting that can be enjoyed in all seasons. You do not want to disturb the area to the point that the wildlife dependent on it as a source of water and food are driven away. Keeping a sound ecological balance is key maintaining the health of the environment. Algae growth can become unsightly during warmer months. Controlling the growth is one way to improve the looks of the water, without damaging the need for the right amounts of algae.

Trash and Debris

Public access to your property leads to finding debris and trash floating in your lake or pond periodically. Tree limbs can also find their way into the water from storms or beaver activity. Having this removed will keep the water cleaner and unwanted animal activity at bay. Debris can build up around drainage areas and cause localized flooding of your property. Make sure that these areas are kept clear at all times.

Aesthetic Pond and Lake Improvement

Areas that directly surround lakes and ponds need to be kept up in order to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Tall grasses need mowed, tree limbs trimmed and trash gathered for removal. Lake and pond monitoring experts can suggest methods of creating and maintaining the perfect relaxation area, without it costing a fortune.

Humane Removal of Nuisance Animals

Animals like beavers and muskrats can do a lot of damage to ponds and lakes. Beavers will bring down a lot of trees in the immediate area and use them to build a home on the water. They can burrow deep into pond dams and cause a breech in the integrity of the walls. Muskrats can clog pond drainage systems and cause serious flooding that can lead to damage of buildings, vehicles and personal belongings. The safe and humane removal of these types of animals is often necessary to protect the property.

Contact pond and lake monitoring and maintenance specialists like Atlaquatics for complete lake management Atlanta GA.

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Our flags are up by the pond

My wife keeps on telling me that I need to replaced the old American flag because it is ripped by the wind. I bought a new American flag so as the Philippines  flag. I put the American flag first.

 photo flags A_zpsl2z4er2x.jpg
Yesterday, my daughter and I put up the Philippines flag by the pond. The weather was nice yesterday. My wife did not know it. When we came back to the house, she was so busy making a carrot cake for Easter brunch at my sister. Our daughter asked her to look at outside. She was very happy that the Philippines flag is up as well.

 photo Flags_zpsmexghe2c.jpg
She went outside and took many photos of the flags. She loved sunset and photography.

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How to smells divine after work with Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme Perfume

My wife said that I am workaholic. I also work outside and spend usually on the road or in the backyard of the customers. I am up in the bucket or sometimes climbed on the poles. Most of the poles are in the backyard of customers houses in the city. Recently, I am working 16 hours for many days. I am coming home tired and stinky. I know that my wife likes the smell of me when I am working. She is weird that way.

 photo Ralph Polo Red Extreme_zps9ehlggwi.jpg
Anyway, my wife received this Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme perfume. I smell it before using. Actually it smells good. I tried it after I took a shower and all the grease is all gone. I am now fresh and used this perfume.

 photo Ralph Polo Red Extreme A_zps9chw12vj.jpg
My wife said  I smell so good. She thinks I smell divine and she can devour me.  My wife liked this smell. The odor is not too strong. I liked it too knowing that she has allergic to strong perfume. My wife thinks that all women should buy this perfume for their husband because she said it smells so good which I agreed.


My wife received this perfume for purposes only from Influenster.

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