We open our in-ground pool

It was 8 days ago when we finally open our pool. My kids were very excited knowing that our pool will open when they got home from school. They were happy when they came home from school. They cannot wait to jump in the pool right away.

Our in-ground pool is open, let the summer begins

Our in-ground pool is open, let the summer begins

The water temperature is 59 degrees. It is brutally cold. I cannot believe that my kids and a neighbor jumped in the pool. These kids are crazy, right? They all had the fun. They keep in coming and out from the pool. It was a beautiful sunny day. It was perfect day to enjoy the pool.

Since then my kids are always in the pool after school except when the temperature is really cold. We are enjoying the pool. It is one of the best feature of this house that I am attracted to that is hwy I bought it right away.

I cannot wait for my kids especially my little girl to invite her friends especially for her summer birthday. My wife also invite her friend and their families to enjoy our pool and have a wonderful time together.

By the way, I did not open the pool by myself. I hired somebody to open it for me. It is better than the professional will does it than I screw it up.

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How your roof repair estimate is calculated

There’s no doubt about it: Having your roof repaired can be quite pricey. But what actually goes into the determination of that price? There are actually many different factors that are taken into consideration in the preparation of the estimate for roof repair Ottawa citizens will receive. Let’s look at each of these factors in turn, to get an in-depth look at why the estimate is what it is, and what it includes.

Type of roof to be fixed/installed

There are so many different kinds of roofs. From the shape of the roof (such as gabled roofs, hipped roofs and mansard roofs) to the type of material needed to repair the roof (asphalt shingles, tiles, or metal, for example) the particulars of the type of roof to be repaired can dramatically affect the price of your quote. The difference can be as little as $1 per square foot or as much as $10 per square foot, depending on the materials needed and the difficulty level.

Local laws

Depending on where you live, you’ll have to secure certain permits before any renovation or construction can begin on your home. The cost of these permits can be either a flat fee or they can be determined according to the size of your home. When your roof repair contractor secures these permits for you (which is usually the case) they will factor the cost of the permits into your quote.

Size and extent of repair

Just as it would cost more to install carpet in a large room than it would in a small one, the cost of repairing or replacing a roof is also contingent on the size of the area to be repaired. Generally, a quote will be based on the square footage of the roof. The extent of the repair to be done also impacts the price on the estimate. For example, a small leak that is confined to one area of the roof will be much less expensive to fix than missing shingles, structural damage and significant water damage that could compromise the stability of your entire roof. Therefore, the extent of the damage is another factor that is included in the estimate.

Roof features

Features of the roof that could make roof repairs more challenging for the contractors will cause the price on the estimate to go up. Things such as chimneys, skylights, solar panels and other things that could make the repair more costly, particularly if these features are included in the damage that needs to be fixed. Because specialized tools and expertise could be involved in fixing these features, the cost of doing so adds to the overall price of the repair.

You can see, then, that there are actually many factors that go into the calculation of a roofing repair estimate. It’s important to know as well that not every roofing company will charge the same for the same roofing repair. For that reason, it’s important to get a quote from at least three different companies before you choose a contractor for your repair, so you can be sure you are getting the best deal possible.

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We cleaned our carpets

It has been two years since we had our carpet cleaned. We usually schedule to clean our carpet in the beginning of spring season. Unfortunately, we did not make an appointment.

Our family room

Our family room

We have a dog and we really needed to clean the carpet. I scheduled for an appointment. I am glad that the he came few days after. The kids are in school. We also let the dog out.

part of the living room where my kids play

part of the living room where my kids play

We asked him to clean the mud room, the family room and the living room. The living room is really dirty. It needs the carpet cleaned so bad. There are many stains in that room too,

our living room

our living room

We were so happy that finally our carpets are cleaned. It smells really clean. It does makes a big difference. We will clean our carpet again next year after we used the fireplace.

How about you? Do you clean your carpet by yourself? Do you hire somebody to do it?

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