Our in-ground pool is closed

It has been almost four weeks since we closed our pool. We always hire the same guy that the previous owner asks to close this pool. It took him couple of hours to finish the whole thing. He is the only one who closes our pool. Sometimes I help him if he needs help.


see you next summer pool

see you next summer pool


I paid $125 for him to close our pool. It is worth it than doing it by myself. There are many steps to do before closing our pool. I do not mind paying it that way our pool is safe and ready to open in the next spring.

My family had a fun time swimming the pool this summer. We swim in our pool almost everyday especially during the summer. It is the best part of having a house with a pool. It is the best time to bond with my family. We cannot wait for the next summer.

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Moving To Montreal Well

A Montreal moving company allows every family to move to the city easily. When using a compagnie demenagement Montreal, the family gets more service than they would get with anyone else. These companies are able to manage the move from start to finish, and these companies help the family settle down when they get to their new home.

photo grabbed from their Facebook page

photo grabbed from their Facebook page

When the family’s items are being shipped, the moving company makes sure that these items make it into Canada safely. Many people do not know how to get their personal items through customs, but the moving company can help the items make it to the owner safely.

The moving company personally drives all the items to the house, and they unpack everything for the family. The family can help show the moving company where everything goes, but the moving company makes sure that the house is set up properly before they leave.

When a family comes to Montreal, they need to make sure that they are working with a mover who can give them complete customer service. The movers do not stop working until the family is comfortable, and the family get to settle down in an organized home at the end of the move.

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How to keep your instrument safe and secure

Most of our outdoor stuffs were put away. We do not need them until spring again. Most of them are kept in our garage and in the pool shed. Everything is safe and secure while we are not using them.

How about you? Are all your outdoor furniture already put away? Are you also a music lover? Do you know that just like our tools, music instruments need to keep safe and secure as well. Do you play a guitar? You can buy the see MF to keep them clean and new while you are not playing with it.

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