How to Zen Your Bedroom for a Better Night’s Sleep

Zen means peace and harmony of mind, soul, and body. To zen your bedroom is to bring peace and relaxation to your life. So, it stands to reason that your bedroom would be the perfect place for zen-like elements, especially when you hope a better night’s sleep is in your near future. The following tips can help you create a sense of soothing and quiet in your bedroom for a better, more restful evening.

Fill Your Room with Your Favorite Scents

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Sleep is the most important element to your good health. And it has been scientifically proven on multiple occasions that people at their most relaxed and comforted with familiar, soothing scents. Lavender and vanilla are the most popular, as the two have naturally relaxing qualities to relax your nerves and soothe your senses. However, you can choose any scent that brings happiness to your heart and peace to your mind. Be sure to pick softer scents, as overpowering aromas can arouse your other senses and keep you awake.

Invest in a Comfortable, Eco-Friendly Mattress

You can load up your bedroom space with good vibes and positive energies, but your mattress is the biggest deciding factor in your getting a good night’s rest. Do a thorough search for eco-friendly, comfortable beds, like non-toxic natural mattresses, that contour to match the innate curves of your body. There are thousands of options with varying firmness and fluff to meet your specifications. You should aim for feeling secure and cradled, but supported, in the mattress you choose.

Create a Natural Air Flow

Think open windows in springtime, when a sweet-smelling breeze ruffles your hair and brushes your cheeks. The mere thought is absolutely amazing, so the real experience would be twice as awesome. Being close to nature is the ultimate way to bring peace to your mind and body. But, when you can’t get outdoors, create a natural air flow throughout your bedroom, and your home, with open windows. Of course, this advice is most ideal in warm weather since your comfort is the aim here.

Decorate with Natural Wood Tones

Your décor colors make a big difference in your atmosphere, so consider using natural wood tones, like cherry and cedar, to add rustic tones to your space. These woods are close to nature with natural grains and colors, giving them an innate zen-like element. The closer to real wood, the better. But you can definitely substitute for fake wood to give the appearance and feel of zen without busting your budget.

Feeling at peace in your bedroom can lead to a better night’s sleep. The aforementioned methods help imbue your bedroom with a zen-like quality, so your mind, body, and soul are soothed, peaceful, and well-rested.

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Putting out the outdoor furniture by the pond

Since it is spring, I decided to put out the outdoor furniture by the pond. I did not put up all the furniture. I only put up the table and the rocking bench as my wife and I love to sit by the pond.

 photo outdoor furniture A_zpsfns41xrb.jpg
Western New York has a crazy weather. It snowed few days after I put out some of the outdoor furniture. It stills looks beautiful by the pond but you cannot sit and enjoy the scenery. I am so glad, that winter is finally over.

 photo outdoor furniture_zps7rohymmc.jpg
My wife and I can sit, talk or watch my feeding the fish by the pond especially in the afternoon before the sunset.

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Expert Pond and Lake Management

Property that has an existing lake or pond seems like the perfect setting for a home or business. The calm, relaxing views of the water can make the worst stress of the day fade away. There is some maintenance and monitoring of the water and immediate surroundings that needs to happen to keep this area an accessible and pleasant environment.

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Algae Control

Having a pond or lake on your property creates a special natural setting that can be enjoyed in all seasons. You do not want to disturb the area to the point that the wildlife dependent on it as a source of water and food are driven away. Keeping a sound ecological balance is key maintaining the health of the environment. Algae growth can become unsightly during warmer months. Controlling the growth is one way to improve the looks of the water, without damaging the need for the right amounts of algae.

Trash and Debris

Public access to your property leads to finding debris and trash floating in your lake or pond periodically. Tree limbs can also find their way into the water from storms or beaver activity. Having this removed will keep the water cleaner and unwanted animal activity at bay. Debris can build up around drainage areas and cause localized flooding of your property. Make sure that these areas are kept clear at all times.

Aesthetic Pond and Lake Improvement

Areas that directly surround lakes and ponds need to be kept up in order to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Tall grasses need mowed, tree limbs trimmed and trash gathered for removal. Lake and pond monitoring experts can suggest methods of creating and maintaining the perfect relaxation area, without it costing a fortune.

Humane Removal of Nuisance Animals

Animals like beavers and muskrats can do a lot of damage to ponds and lakes. Beavers will bring down a lot of trees in the immediate area and use them to build a home on the water. They can burrow deep into pond dams and cause a breech in the integrity of the walls. Muskrats can clog pond drainage systems and cause serious flooding that can lead to damage of buildings, vehicles and personal belongings. The safe and humane removal of these types of animals is often necessary to protect the property.

Contact pond and lake monitoring and maintenance specialists like Atlaquatics for complete lake management Atlanta GA.

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