How storage container keep your home neatly

I admit I am a clean freak. I cannot help it, that is the way I grew up. I know that my wife drive her crazy. Nothing feel makes me feel happy coming home after working overtime to a clean and clutter free house. I know that it is hard for my wife to keep our house clean especially when our kids are not helping their Mom.

We try to donate items that  we do not use to keep our house neat. We still have many items to donate. I wish that my wife will donate all the items. I guess she is still holding to some stuff that gives her memories especially when our kids were babies. I found some adorable storage containers that my wife will help me organize the house. Storable’s storage containers sell many cool stuff that definitely will make my wife happy and organize the house too. There are many choices and colors to from.

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How to plan your home project wisely

It does not matter what season we have here in Western New York. I always have home projects. I cannot sit still. It will drive me crazy and bored when I have nothing to do.

Summer is not exempted when I work inside or outside the house. I always plan my home projects. Sometimes there are repairs that are not plan in the house that needs to take care of. It needs to get fix if it is very important.

How about you? Are you looking for full of ideas for home improvement projects? You have to make sure that you check this helpful article first. These are some useful resources that will help you find the important home projects and credit free. I make sure that I do not use my credit card when I plan any home projects. I usually pursue my home projects when I work overtime. The overtime money helps. I wish you good luck in your home projects.

There are some of my home projects that need to be finish. We will need a new septic tank system eventually. I need to call a plumber to check one of our bathrooms. It looks like something is leaking. I need to buy something to cover the pool fence so our rat terrier will not get away.

I found this very helpful site from The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and you can check it out too.

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Our garage door will not closed

I was at work when my wife called me. It freaks me out when she does called an am at work. I am scared that there is something happened to her and our kids.

our garage door will not closed

our garage door will not closed

She called and told me that our garage door will not closed. Something is broken. She said something like a roller fell off. I told her I cannot do about it for now. I will take a look at it in the morning as I am working 12 hours that day. She told me that she just wants me to know.

Finally the garage door is  fixed

Finally the garage door is fixed

I called the guy that did with my other garage. We have two garages in our house. The guy came few hours and checked the garage. He fixed it but the garage will not close automatically for now. He has to order some parts. The next day he came back and fixed the garage. I did not receive the bill yet. I am not sure how much he will charge. I am glad that he fixed the garage though. We can close and open the garage door automatically with a button from inside or outside.

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