I built my wife her own bookshelves

My wife loves to read books. She is a bookworm. She loves to read romance novels. She also review books from different authors.

 photo bookshelves_zpsyckvagq1.jpg

She told me that she wants her own bookshelves. She store her books in our kids bookshelves. We went to the store to check bookshelves to buy. I do not like the ones in the store. I told her I will build her one. She seems very happy and so excited. I asked her where does she wants to put the bookshelves. She wanted it by our living room. I told her why not in our room.

I removed the mirror in front of her dresser. I built the bookshelves. The new bookshelves is almost full since I built it. I think I need to add more shelves. My wife is very simple and easy to please. I am happy that I made her happy

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How to keep your driveway nice

Asphalt driveways are a nice accent to your landscaping, but it is essential that you properly maintain the driveway to prevent it from cracking and ensure you have a long-lasting, sturdy drive. here are a few tips that can help you out.

 photo driveway_zpsuewoiuzh.jpg

1. Park in the center, not the edge.

Do what you can to avoid driving off the edge of the driveway and parking on the edges. The edge of the asphalt driveway isn’t as effective as distributing the weight of the vehicle as the center may be, which can lead to cracking and fracturing. Make sure the edges aren’t washed away; keep a hard backfill up against the asphalt to provide it with the proper support and prevent it from slipping.

2. Park in different spots.

Change up where you par your vehicle in your driveway. Parking in the same place repeatedly can cause ruts in the driveway, particularly in hotter weather. If you live in an area where temperatures frequently rise above 100 degrees, then your driveway is more at risk for cracking than those in colder climates. Your driveway also has a weight limit, so bear this in mind if particularly heavy vehicles need to park there, such as construction equipment or work trucks.

3. Keep an eye out for leaks.

If your vehicle is leaking oil, you need to repair it as quickly as possible. Not only does this put your vehicle at risk, but the leaking oil can dissolve the coating of the asphalt and damage your driveway. If you notice a place where gasoline or oil has leaked onto the driveway, dry it as quickly as possible and use sand or some other substance to dry up any reside. Clean it off with a hose pipe afterward.

Proper driveway maintenance is vital to ensuring the long life of your drive way. Keeping an eye for spills and cracks is just one part; if you see any damage to your driveway, do what you can to repair it before the damage worsens. In the event that it can’t be repaired, there are a number of services that offer driveway replacement Minneapolis. Consulting with one of these professional contractors can give you an idea of the cost associated with a full driveway replacement and how long the job may take.

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Bought logs for our firewood and will sell the rest

We do not use our furnace to heat our house. We use firewood and pellets on our fireplace. We have a burning stove by the family room. We also have electric stove that is feed by pellets by the living room so my kids and their friends are warm enough when they are playing. I usually get free firewood from my work as a lineman in a power company.

 photo wood_zpsyemglhea.jpg

We burn our fireplace the entire day especially when the temperature outside is really cold. We used to have four rows of firewood in our garage but is no don to three rows after burning some of them. I bought these logs from a tree guy. It cost $750. I think I can make a profit and will sell the rest of the firewood. Hope it is  dry enough for next winter.

My summer babe likes to go up and down in this file of logs. My wife is keeping an eye on her while waiting for her school bus.

How about you? How do you heat your  house? Do you turn on your furnace? Do you use fireplace? How do you feed your fireplace? Is it electric or you burn firewood as well?

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