We burned one row of firewood for our fireplace

We never turn on our furnace but we used our fireplace instead. I love the burning stove better. I love the feel of warm heat that comes from the blower of the burning stove. We also have pellets in the living room.

we burned one row of firewood this winter already

we burned one row of firewood this winter already
It is bone chilling cold here in Western New York. Right now it feels like spring though. We have been using our fireplace since November. We used one row of firewood from our garage already.

We still have three rows left before we run out f firewood. I hope it is enough for the winter. We still two months left before spring will be here.

How about you? Do you use a firewood to heat your house? Do you turn on your furnace instead?

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How doors play important role back in the old days


Door is very important in every house. It is the important part of the house. Doors have many styles and designs. I know that I changed a couple of old doors in our house. I like the new doors better than the old one. The doors I had replaced were very strong.

Back in the old-time and century, there are doors that are hard to recognize by regular people. Some doors are close for specific activities that only authorized people can enter. These doors are so secret. You never know what it is hidden inside the doors. Some doors are so mysterious. Some looks normal but it has hidden activities once you open that doors. You can check the samples from below.

Unseen Passages
Presented by ETO Doors

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Installed some Christmas lights on the pool fence and the patio

We have enough Christmas lights that I bought from Home Depot for our Christmas tree. I did not return the Christmas lights to the store.

 photo Christmaslights_zps7f47960e.jpg
Instead I kept and used them by the pool fence and the patio. My summer babe helped put the Christmas lights. She is very excited to get dark and cannot wait to turn on the Christmas lights. The Christmas lights turned out beautiful. What do you think?

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