Replaced the toilet tank

It was last month when my wife told me that our kids’ toilet is leaking. Every time the kids flush the toilet, the floor is always wet. It makes the rug wet as well which my wife is not happy about. It means it adds to her house hold chores. I check the toilet and found out it is indeed leaking. The tube that goes the toilet to the tank is leaking.

I drove to Home Depot and bought a new toilet tank. I replaced it by myself. I am glad that it works. It is also very timing because my eldest daughter and grand-daughter are coming for their winter break. They will use that bathroom as well. Since I replaced the toilet tank, the floor is dry and so as the rug. My wife is very proud of me. It saves us money to call for somebody to replace it for us. I forget how much the toilet tank cost. I know it was affordable and it works.

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Is back to fox trapping again

I missed trapping so very much. I stopped doing it when my eldest daughter and grand-daughter were here with us last month. I do not have enough time to trap while they are here. I need to spend time with them than trapping.

fox on the trap

I have a goal in my fox trapping. I need t trap 50 fox. Right now I am on my 43rd fox. I trapped this one three days ago near our backyard. It is a beautiful fox. I almost reach my goal. My wife asks if I stop trapping when I reach my goal. I replied her back I hope so. She does not like my doing the fox trapping. She understands that it is one of my hobbies. She knew it before we met in person.

I also take days off vacation from work to do my trapping. I should work today but I take my day off instead. I need a break from work after working hard from the blizzard that just happened in the city recently. I need a break, right?

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GE Reveal really shines your home like no other and coupons to help you save money

I only use GE lightning bulbs in my house. We have so many lights in the house. I cannot stand the darkness. GE lightning bulbs make a lot difference. It makes my home so bright. We can see what everybody is doing especially in the family room.

GE Reveal lightning bulbs

My kids also spend their time in the living room playing their games. They need the brightness that only GE lightning bulbs can bring the brightness in that room. GE Reveal not only brings the brightness but also help me saves money on my electric bills. They are LED bulbs which are very convenient for use.

GE Reveal lightning bulbs

How about you? Do you use GE lightning bulbs or any GE products in your home as well? Do you need a room makeover in your house? Why not check out the GE Reveal videos on how to get an idea on how to make your home bright and beautiful.

You can also print the GE Reveal coupons to help you save some money on any GE Reveal products. This expires today but still works until 45 days. You can buy the GE Reveal products exclusively at Target. Please check out GE Reveal products  here for more helpful information.

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