Plumbing problem again

I worked 12 hours from seven in the evening to seven the next morning. I went to sleep when I get home. I know that our football team The Buffalo Bills had a morning game from London that morning. Unfortunately I will missed it as I need my sleep and will work 12 hours again that night.

My family let me slept until 12 at noon. I had five hours of sleep. I woke up and found our bathroom wet all the way to the carpet in our bed. I freaked out and yelled and look for my family. My wife said that her and the kids cleaned up the miss from the small bathroom, to the hallway, the laundry room. Some part of the family room is wet.

All the three bathrooms are wet. What a nightmare to wake up. I was mad at my wife for not waking me up. She said I cannot do anything about it. The damage is already done. Well! I could call the plumber. I did call the plumber and took them him to come after an hour. It is because it is Sunday.

My kids told my wife not to wake me up because they I will freak out which I did. I know that our shower plugged up. I never thought that it will get worst. I plan to call the plumber the weekday as I am working.

The plumber came. He worked for forty-five minutes. He charged us $226. We paid $50 more from the last time we call the plumber. I guess because this time it was Sunday. The plumber advised me us not to use the garbage disposal. Use a quarter cup of laundry soap when doing laundry. I told my family and hope these tips will help.

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Why Isn’t My Home Improvement Business Growing?

If you run a home improvement business and want to see it thrive, there are numerous brand-building principles you can employ to remain in a state of growth. However, business owners oftentimes commit professional errors that adversely impact their conversion rates and expansion capacities. Luckily, determining which business mistakes you’re making can help you get your home improvement company on the path to perpetual growth. With that idea in mind, consider whether you’re committing any of these three business errors:

 photo Century_furniture-sale_zpsxpfw0uxq.jpg
1. You’re Not Marketing Online.

These days, online marketing is an incredibly fast and effective way for you to interface with your target market. By developing an eye-catching, information-packed website that highlights your home improvement products and services, you can start generating additional revenue while simultaneously expanding your sphere of influence. Luckily, creating a phenomenal online marketing campaign doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you can hire a team of digital designers to take care of this work for you.

2. Your Home Doesn’t Look Great.

Another business error that can preclude your home improvement business from growing is a failure to make your own private property look incredible. In many cases, you can actually win new clients when they come in your home and note that your living space is aesthetically appealing, trendy, highly functional, etc. Yet many home designers and developers neglect their own property even as they optimize the appearance of the client’s house. Don’t commit this error. Instead, be sure that you take the time to enhance your home through measures like investing in great furniture. Companies like Boyles Furniture & Rugs provide customers with numerous quality brands to choose from, including but not limited to Century Furniture.

3. You’re Not Maintaining A Cutting Edge Perspective.

Like almost every other industry, the world of home improvement changes with lightning speed. For this reason, it’s important that individuals who work within this sector remain cognizant of new trends and emerging technologies that can optimize the services and products they offer customers. Failing to take this step can make your home improvement business irrelevant to contemporary audiences.

Start Growing Your Home Improvement Business Now

If you run a home improvement business and want it to thrive, you should be cognizant of the fact that you could be committing professional errors that preclude growth. By carefully reviewing the information and advice outlined above, you can determine which changes need to be made to ensure that your company gets and remains on the track to perpetual expansion and advancement!

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Putting the pedal boat away

I am so thankful that my son helped me put all the outdoor stuff away. He helped me a lot that day. Summer stuff needs to put away as we are not using them for the autumn and winter. It is easy for things to get done when two or more people is helping each other.

 photo putting the boat away_zps32fr3drh.jpg

My family likes to use pedal boat in the summer. Even their friends like to use this pedal boat too. My wife and I use this pedal boat as well. It is perfect for legs like a work out. It is also a quite date time with my wife. Sad to say we have to put this pedal boat away.

 photo putting the boat away A_zpsg7stczhw.jpg

My son helped me pull-out the pedal boat in the water. We dump the water and hook it up in my ATV. It is easy to drag it all the way to the garage. It will be kept until spring is here again.

I want to say thank you to my son for all his help. It makes a big difference than doing it myself.

How about you? Have you try riding the pedal boat? It is fun and perfect work out for the legs.


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