Making The Home Safer

When an elderly family member lives alone, it’s sometimes best to do a little remodeling in order to make sure the house is safe. Rugs with non-slip surfaces can be placed in areas where the person will walk through the day. You want to make sure that there are plenty of smoke detectors in the home. If possible, remove the stove so that the elderly person isn’t tempted to cook. Instead, encourage the person to get meals that can be put in the microwave as this is a little safer than using a stove.

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The bathroom is an area of the home where elderly individuals often have the most falls as the floor might get slippery after taking a shower. There are a few ways to make the bathroom a little safer. Elderly showers are a good idea for those who can’t get in and out of a tub. Make sure there is some kind of seat in the shower so that the person doesn’t have to stand up the entire time. Turn the temperature of the water down so that it’s not as hot, which can prevent burns from occurring. It should be turned to at least 120 degrees or below.

When you know that the person is taking a shower, try to be in the home so that you are available if assistance is needed. You can help prevent falls from taking place if you are there for the person to hold onto while getting out of the shower. Make sure that there is a secure rug on the floor and a mat in the shower that won’t slide while the person is bathing.

Check the lighting in the bathroom and the rest of the home. Add brighter lights so that the person can easily see especially at night. Put a light beside the bed and in areas where you know the person will walk at night, such as the bathroom. Lights on the walls are a good ideas as all the person has to do is touch the light for it to come on instead of looking for a switch.

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Our pond is so low with water


I never seen the pond so low with the water like this. It scares me and worried about the fist. I just wish that it will rain heavily for an hour to fill-up our pond. Call me paranoid but it drives me crazy.

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The water level of the pond used to be so high. Now it is so low. Sometimes it rains but not enough to fill-up the pond. We needed the rain so badly. I feel bad for our fishes. They are still alive because I can see them when I feed them.

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Yesterday, I took the hose and turn it on. I turn on the water for a couple of hours just little water for the pond. I know that our fish will be happy. Last year, I turned on the hose for two days, that was a mistake because our water bill was so high. I just turned on the hose for few hours just a little water added to the pond. Our water bill is only $40 and it is for three months. I think few dollars added to our water bill would be fine. I hope the fish are happy.

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Reasons to Install a Generator in Your Home

There are many articles online that talk about home generators and why they are important. You might have considered buying a home generator. For whatever reason, you have not decided to get one up to this point. Buying a generator for your home is something you should strongly consider. There are many positives and no negatives. You would be wise to do some research and find out what is involved when it comes to the installation and maintenance that a generator requires. You will be glad that you installed a generator if your neighborhood experiences a prolonged power outage. Here are some of the main reasons why you should strongly consider installing a home generator.

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1. It will increase the value of your home.

Any improvements that you make to your home will increase its overall value. A generator is a very attractive improvement that will make your home worth more if you ever decide to put it on the market. Therefore, you can look at the installation of a generator as an investment.

2. Your family will be safe in the event of an extended power outage in your area.

You have the responsibility to protect your family and make sure they are safe. This is especially important if you live in an area that regularly has bad storms that cause power outages. Losing power for a few days or more can severely damage your quality of life. You will not be able to perform tasks that are necessary to live your life. Installing a generator in your home will allow you to continue living your life without any problems if your neighborhood loses power. You can look online at the Houston Texas generators that are available.

3. Your home will be more attractive to potential buyers.

You might decide to sell your home at some point in the future. If this is the case, you need to be sure that your home is very attractive to potential buyers. This will allow you to sell it quickly for a nice price. People who are going to buy a home in an area that has frequent power outages will probably not be as interested in a home that does not have a generator. Therefore, installing a generator will instantly make your home more attractive than the other homes that are for sale that are not equipped with one.

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