Where to buy your musical needs

I do not sing. I do not have the talent in singing. My wife loves to sing so as my daughter and my son. I guess they take the singing talent from their Mom. I also do not play any music instrument though I do no mind pound any tools.

My daughter is a member of the school band. This year is her second year of joining the school band. I know she wants to own a baritone than renting it from the school. How about you? Are you looking for a musical instrument for nay of your kids. Have you check muscianfriend? You should as they sell the best musical instrument and some are on sale too to save you money.

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Found a work logo hat in my old bag

I was cleaning my attic and found an old work bag. Inside my work bag is some stuffs that I use for work. One of the stuff is a blue hat that has a work logo on it.

 photo work logo hat_zpsnkmasgig.jpg

My wife asks me if she could wear the hat. I love to wear hat myself to cover my bald. I give  it to her.

 photo work logo hat A_zpsesdllm9b.jpg

She said she really likes the hat. She liked it because it has a logo with my work. I already gave her a sweatshirt that has a work logo on it too. My wife is so proud of me as a lineman. She knows that my line of job is very dangerous. It pays great money. I just need to be extra careful when am working.

How about you? Does your wife likes to wear clothes that has a logo from your work company?

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Making The Home Safer

When an elderly family member lives alone, it’s sometimes best to do a little remodeling in order to make sure the house is safe. Rugs with non-slip surfaces can be placed in areas where the person will walk through the day. You want to make sure that there are plenty of smoke detectors in the home. If possible, remove the stove so that the elderly person isn’t tempted to cook. Instead, encourage the person to get meals that can be put in the microwave as this is a little safer than using a stove.

 photo contractor_zpsccqne0qc.png

The bathroom is an area of the home where elderly individuals often have the most falls as the floor might get slippery after taking a shower. There are a few ways to make the bathroom a little safer. Elderly showers are a good idea for those who can’t get in and out of a tub. Make sure there is some kind of seat in the shower so that the person doesn’t have to stand up the entire time. Turn the temperature of the water down so that it’s not as hot, which can prevent burns from occurring. It should be turned to at least 120 degrees or below.

When you know that the person is taking a shower, try to be in the home so that you are available if assistance is needed. You can help prevent falls from taking place if you are there for the person to hold onto while getting out of the shower. Make sure that there is a secure rug on the floor and a mat in the shower that won’t slide while the person is bathing.

Check the lighting in the bathroom and the rest of the home. Add brighter lights so that the person can easily see especially at night. Put a light beside the bed and in areas where you know the person will walk at night, such as the bathroom. Lights on the walls are a good ideas as all the person has to do is touch the light for it to come on instead of looking for a switch.

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