I forget that there is a door in the mud room

Maggie, our Pitbull, dog is such a pain in the butt. I made her gate a couple of times. The feisty girl always ruin it. I wasted so much money while making the gate but she keeps on ruining it. She can escape and even jump over the gate. Finally, my summer babe said that, Daddy, why do not you put a door? I remember we do have a door in this mud room. I took it away when I change the closets and walls.


finally installed the door back

finally installed the door back

I am so thankful that my summer babe reminded me of the door. Maggie cannot escape anymore. She is keep safe in the mud room. There is no way that she can open the door. We still let her in the family room. We keep the door closed when she is eating her dinner so she will not disturb while eating.

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A Guide To Download Streaming Video

There are a number of videos that are available online that you can watch online. Most of them have very high quality videos that do not let you save them. Buffering and loading these videos can take up a lot of time. Unless you have a software as good as Movavi screen capture studio that lets you capture any kind of screen activity and videos. They also let you download streaming video. This is a step by step guide for windows version of the software but the same is available for mac users too.

 photo 3_zpscf0570ae.png

1. Download and install the file. Run the complete installation process as per the installation wizard.
2. Once the installation is complete and the program is ready to use you will see that there is a yellow frame on the screen that sets a boundary marking the capture area. According to the size of the web video window you can adjust the frame. To record and view at maximum resolution you can select full screen.
3. Now you need to be confirmed that you are using the correct device for recording. It is by default that the program will record from the audio device for input. If you want to skip this option you can un-click the microphone icon. Select the system audio icon to capture original sound of your online video.
4. If you cannot sit in front of the computer while the recording is taking place, you can use the capture timer and to set a time at which the recording will stop on its own. Check the option of stop capture after from the timer icon ans select the required duration.
5. REC can be selected to start the recording and also play the streaming video at the same time.
6. You can preview the video that you have recorded and also edit the recording if needed. After all this just save the video file in any format or for the device you want to play in right after the screen capturing is complete. There is a list of formats that is available for both audio and video files. Then select save and you are good to go.

Once you learn this you can in the most efficient way use the capture streaming video. You can explore the creative side of yours with this program and add a twist to all the videos. You can without any technical knowledge and professional help make some amazing videos.

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How to listen to the beat of your musical instrument

I admit I cannot sing and even play any musical instrument. I am glad that kids take the love for music from my wife. She definitely can sing. She sings every time she is in the kitchen especially when she is preparing dinner for the family. I admit loud music irritates me. I am an old man and does not like any loud noise. I feel badly for my wife and kids. They think I am a kill joy. It just that it irritates me listening to loud music.

Sometimes when I call my wife when I am at work, I can hear loud music from the background. It feels like she is having a party in the house. I am sure that if she gets the chance, she will ask me to buy her the fender rumble v3 so she can listen to the beat of her music. is

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