Preventative Maintenance for Asphalt Surfaces

Driveways constructed of asphalt are low maintenance, but there are a few things that have to be done over the years to keep them healthy and usable. Asphalt is a good choice in durable drive material and can withstand a lot of the weather changes that are experienced seasonally. Creating a routine of good preventative maintenance will help your driveway last longer and look better than ever before.
Cracks and Holes

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Large cracks in asphalt are easy to detect, but smaller alligator cracks are just as destructive, but much harder to see. These areas will need to be sealed to keep moisture from gaining access to the foundation layer of materials. If water gets into the cracks and freezes, it forces the gap wider and wider until a chunk comes loose. At this point you have a gaping hole allowing anytime access for moisture of all types. You need a professional driveway repair expert to cut the damaged area out and fill with new, fresh asphalt material.
Proper Asphalt Sealing

A healthy asphalt driveway can survive all types of elements and climate changes. Part of continued health is getting a sealing coat of material every two or three years. The cost is minimal when you consider the life extension this service provides to your drive. The process does not take very long and you can use the driveway shortly after the procedure.
Uneven Wear and Settling

Poor water drainage and uneven wear, or settling can cause the asphalt driveway to form bowls that retain water, lean and eventually large areas at the edges can break free. You need the expertise of an asphalt specialist to determine the best course of action in repairing these problems.
When Replacement Is Necessary

If an asphalt driveway has not had proper preventative maintenance performed in years, there may be a possibility that the entire project has to be done over. This is an expense that many homeowners do not want, but there are times the damage is so dramatic there is no choice. It is better to get the preventative maintenance now and preserve the life of the driveway.

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