Projects That Boost Home Value

The condition of residential homes and the features that are available determine the overall value of the propery. For those who are plannng on selling their home, there are certain features that are in demand among buyers. To boost the home value with investments that will prove to pay off, there are a few remodeling projects to consider.

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Modern Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is the most used room of the home, making it important to create an updated setting that is functional. Consider installing a large kitchen island for food prep with an additional sink that is available. The island can also be used as a breakfast nook where seating is available. Storage is also built under the island for an additional place to store pots and pans.

When choosing a kitchen design, opt for installing a backslash or subway tiles to create a modern and contemporary setting that is stylish.

New Windows

The windows are one of the most important features on the property and will allow the home to appear newer. New windows will also reduce the energy usage on the property by reducing drafts that are present. The windows will look appealing with new siding that is installed to enhance the aesthetics of the building’s exterior and allow the home to stand out in the neighborhood.

Remodel the Bathroom

Choose granite or marble countertops in the bathroom to create a luxurious setting that is glamorous. The bathroom can also feature heated floors, wall mounts, and a seating area that makes it easy to lounge in. Hire professionals to build a shower that doesn’t have doors and features multiple showerheads.

Room Addition

Increase the square footage of the property with custom home additions San Diego to create a spacious interior setting. Homes that have more rooms are often valued at a higher price, making it worth the investment.

Build a Deck

A deck that is built in the backyard will make it easy to spend more time outdoors and will provide an additional place to entertain on the property. A deck can make for a great place to dine outdoors or lounge on patio furniture and will offer great views of the outdoor setting. You can recoup an average of 85 percent of the cost of the project with a feature that will make the home stand out on the market.

When you want to enhance the quality of your home and create a functional setting, there are a few remodeling projects that can impact the overall value of the property. You’ll create a more appealing setting that is updated and modern.

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