Shaving is easy with Micro Touch One razor

I remember when my wife first came here in America. She does not shave her legs. She has few hairs in her legs. She never shaves her legs while leaving in the Philippines. I do not blame her and her parents for raising her conservatively. It was a constant battle for me and my wife to decide if she wants to shave her legs or not. Finally it took forever and she decided to shave her legs. I told her that American women shave their legs. She now lives in America and should learn how to do the American women way and style.

Micro Touch One razor

She has shaved her legs since then. She said that it feels awkward if hair starts to grow in her legs. I agree with her. She used different razor to shave her legs. She asks me if she could have the same razor that I used. I told her that my razor is not good either. I need to buy a new razor that will help me saves time and money.

Micro Touch One razor comes with a traveling case and 12 stainless blades

My wife is very privilege and thankful to micro touch one razor that she received in the mail yesterday. She showed the new razor to me yesterday. I told her that the razor looks fancy. I just shaved my face too. She told me if she could use the razor instead first than I said sure and you can share to me if it works great.

Micro Touch One razor so easy to use

The Micro Touch One razor came with a small yet cute traveling case. There is a mirror inside the traveling case too. It also comes with 12 blades. There are four (4) blades in each pouch. The razor is very easy to use. My wife runs out of shaving cream for herself. She just uses our kids’ conditioner as an alternative. It works perfectly.

Even my wife can use Micro Touch One razor easily

She washes her legs with warm water. Apply conditioner in her legs one at a time. The razor is very easy to use. All she does is turn the knob of the razor to open. She then slides one pouch to put a blade in it. The blade is very sharp and it is stainless. I am glad that she is very careful with the blade. One shave makes her legs so soft. She did not cut herself which is a great thing. She loves the feeling of her smooth legs. The razor is very easy to clean as well. All she does is turn the knob and take off the blade. You have to make sure that you hide the blades away from your kids. The blades are very sharp. My wife is tall and I do like her freshly shave legs. Nothing beats the soft and smooth legs when we cuddle.

Nothing beats the soft and smoothness legs after using Micro Touch One razor

How about you? Are you looking for the perfect razor and affordable too? Why not check out this Website? The razor cost $19.99. It comes with a traveling case and 12 stainless blades. This will help you save money. The blades last longer. It will save you money than buying disposable razor and cheap. You can also find cool information in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or You Tube.

I received the products for free. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might be different from others.

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14 Responses to Shaving is easy with Micro Touch One razor

  1. papaleng says:

    If it produces good result on ladies then it must okay for men to use.

  2. Shaving makes the hair grow faster. I don’t shave but not against those who does.

  3. Nova S says:

    I don’t blame your wife, we Filipina don’t usually shave our legs esp if we only have few very tiny hairs that is visible to see unless you take a closer look. It’s easier not to shave them as they will never grow and won’t have darker hairs. Unless you shave them and then the pain of shaving weekly or every other day would be a pain in a butt… however, we do adjust in our new environment, we have decided that women here isn’t the same as in the Philippines and there are faster way to shave legs with the use of those amazing razor and hair removal.

  4. jheylo says:

    Wow! looks soft and smooth. I don’t shave my legs either. I don’t mind having hairs though.

  5. Anna says:

    Not a fan of shaving here, hehehe, I think it makes hair grow fast and gives you chicken skin, they say; I’ve been into waxing and threading for those insightly hair all over my body 🙂

  6. Hehehehe! I don’t shave my legs because I don’t want them to grow course but this is a very convenient way to keep legs smooth. ^_^

  7. Marie says:

    Having head-turning hairs in my legs is affecting my self-esteem. I’m having second thoughts on shaving mine since my mom always tell me that if I shave it, it’ll just become more noticeable. Ahhh!

    Good thing that it works well with Ate Jess! 🙂

  8. Shydub says:

    I received a razor too from the same advert. This is really neat and it sure sharp to use. Enjoy shaving mami jess

  9. Mel Cole says:

    Wootwew! Flawless legs 😀 Nice razor mommy Jess kay smooth mo-shave.

  10. lencilicious says:

    Looks like a pretty decent razor. Hubby uses the new technology razor but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind trying the old style.

  11. marri says:

    I also shave my legs and this micro-touch one razor looks perfect for but as of now I used the Schick refillable shaver.

  12. riz tomacruz says:

    this reminds me that i should need to replace my razor. though, i prefer using an epilator which the husband suggested i should use. dont know the difference with a razor 🙂

  13. Lainy says:

    I don’t shave my legs; there’s not enough hair there to shave but it grew in the other hidden parts of the body. Hahaha!

  14. I am so happy I don’t need to shave my legs. That would be a great gifts to my mother-in-law.

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