The baby in our family


I am featuring the baby in our family for Memory Lane Monday theme.

This is my K when she was born. I cannot believe that she will turn six years old this summer. She was born a week early.

Can you imagine if she was born full term? She was a big baby, weighing seven lbs 14 ounces. It is different giving birth to her than the big brother. I can feel her hair every time the nurse checked me. She came out quick just like her brother. I guess I am lucky that I had an easy delivery.  We love her very much. I do not think I will have another baby. I have a boy and a girl. Family is perfect.

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2 Responses to The baby in our family

  1. raya says:

    wow, your baby looks very healthy mommy Jess.. and I love her eyes! she is so pretty. you are blessed to have normal and quick deliveries for both babies. Ako, c/s tanan. visiting you back!

  2. Mel Cole says:

    awww, ka-cute! maka-feel ka sa hair adtong IE nimo mommy jess? that crocheted hat and scarf is very familiar kay tocayo nimo na nga si mommy jess pud nu? hehehe hope you guys had a mild winter there! thanks for joining MLM. Next Monday will be about your special place, pls join us!

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