The guys installed the awning


The family room and the kitchen is dark again. The guys installed the awnings this Wednesday except one window. It makes a lot of difference when the awnings are in. It protects the living room during the summer. It feels so warm without it. The awning is wonderful too in the patio. It feels so comfortable sitting and watching while the kids are swimming. We had this awning since we moved to this house. We love it us we really needed it during summer. The patio where the pool is needs a place to hide from the excruciating sun. Do you have the awning in your patio? Do you like it too? I am linking this entry to #104 of 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

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8 Responses to The guys installed the awning

  1. Chie says:

    This is nice. it’s good to have that coz summer is approaching to protect from the sun. We don’t have awning but would love to have it installed once we have a house and have a patio.

  2. Shy says:

    Wow nice house you got. Nah we dont have ani awning since we live in apartment, visiting from BPC, anway follow and like your facebook hope you can do the same, see you.

  3. Gagay says:

    ..will definitely love this if i have one for my own house..esp during summer 🙂

    ..from BPC #104.

  4. Rcel says:

    That is indeed a big help during summer, Mommy Jess! Kami kay poordoy, wala pool, wala pud awning kay apartment lifestyle just won’t let us have that. 😀

    BPC hop!

  5. seny says:

    no, we got no patio lol just an open porch do loved to have one installed but nah maybe on the next house… thanks for stopping by ~ Handful of Cuteness

  6. emzkie says:

    we dont have one. but sure love to put one. i bet summer this year is very excruciating.

    BPC hop!

  7. Pinx says:

    nah! wala jud mi ana mommy Jessica, wala gani ko kabalo unsa ng awning! hahahaha! unsa man na sa binisaya??? bpc hop here!

  8. KM says:

    I see you’re all ready and braced up for the sun! 🙂

    Here for BPC ^^

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