Tulips are growing back by the front yard

My wife planted these tulips two years ago during Autumn. She was disappointed that few of her tulips came back this year. I mean there are still many tulips growing back but not as many like the first year. I guess our Rat Terrier puppy named Molly dug some of the bulbs accidentally.

 photo tulips by the front yard A_zpszd5i6gec.jpg
My wife wants to plant new tulips bulbs this coming Autumn. She loves this flowers. She also has a green thumb I think. I know that she also wants to have a vegetable garden. It is on her wish list. I am not sure if  I can make her a vegetable garden knowing that we have rabbits and deer in our backyard. I am afraid that the wild animals will eat her vegetable garden.

 photo tulips by the front yard_zpsyldsgvte.jpg
How about your wife? Does she likes to plant tulips too?

 photo tulips by the front yard B_zpsq6c1bssl.jpg

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