We finally have our carpet cleaned

We started to use our fireplace recently. It is getting really cold here in Western New York. We did not use our wood stove just the pellets stove. I really wanted to have our carpet cleaned. Finally, I called our carpet guy and schedule it soon.

He came last week and cPhotobucketleaned our carpet. It feels great that our carpet is finally cleaned. I did not ask the carpet guy to clean the entire house. We just needed the family room to clean. This is where the family spends usually. I also let him clean our living room. He also cleaned the run way. He cleaned three areas. I paid about $120 which is not expensive.

I like the carpet guy’s job. He did an awesome job cleaning our carpet. We have the white carpet in our living room. It turned out very clean. He used a foam cleaning solution which really works. I am glad that our carpet is clean before I use the wood stove. This stove makes the family room messy because of the ashes. I am glad that my wife vacuums the family room everyday. I know that she complains sometimes. I want a clean house so everybody is healthy.

What about you? Do you have a carpeted floor? Did you have your carpet cleaned yet? I am linking this entry to Wednesday Whites.

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16 Responses to We finally have our carpet cleaned

  1. jheylo says:

    wow looks clean indeed. oh boy! we need this so bad. but we thought changing the whole carpet would be better because this carpet has been here for over 6 years now i guess.

  2. Joy H says:

    that’s pretty neat and clean! Oh, yes we need to get our carpet clean too! We just had it clean from a professional cleaners about two years ago. Now we need them again.

  3. Sheila says:

    wow your carpet really looks immaculate mommy jess. mura siya ug new. okay kids it’s time to make that carpet looks filthy again hehehe.

  4. rocky says:

    now your kiddos can lay down there all day long!

  5. Raya says:

    wow, good for you mommy Jess! I have to say your house is so spacious and well-arranged! I love it!! Thanks for joining WW this week!

  6. Nita says:

    Never tried hiring a professional carpet cleaning company pa. How much did you pay sis? Baka we will hire din pag alis namin dito sa condo kasi daming stains waaaaa

  7. that’s a real clean carpet and glad you had it cleaned for an affordable price. it’s really important to have a clean space especially if you have kids. lovely home you have there. happy weekend! visiting here for WW.

  8. Sounds like a deal mommy if you paid them for that amount of money. I had ours rug doctored before I gave birth to my second one. I am thinking of rug doctoring it again this spring when we get back to our old place and have plenty of time to work. Nice tan-awon ang carpet na mommy kay clean and love the fireplace.

  9. Bless says:

    Nice family room Mommy Jessica! Speaking of carpet cleaning, we need ours to be cleaned as well 🙂

  10. Deli says:

    It’s clean indeed 🙂 A clean carpet, a clean place helps toward a clear and sane mind 🙂 Thanks a lot for dropping by. Much appreciated.

  11. i always wish to have a carpet, someday, somehow. I love your collections of deer but i guess, i don’t have the heart to hunt them. You know why :0 Hope to see you again on next green monday.

  12. Cookie says:

    you have a very spacious and clean family room. The guy did a great service, too!

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