What makes log splitter convenient for use

I do not know how my husband will split the wood without log splitter. This machine is a must if you have a fireplace. It helps us split the wood in few seconds. You can also make candling from the log splitter.  I help my husband carries the wood to the log splitter. We are both in a team. He will then split the wood in two pieces. I take the first piece and he split the half of wood. One post will gives us four pieces of wood. I am so thankful that he bought a log splitter. He uses ax before and cutting the wood takes ample of your time.  Do you have the fireplace in your home? Where do you get your wood? We are lucky because most of our wood we get for free. I do not mind helping my husband because I know it will warm our house in the winter. Do you have a log splitter too?

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