My wife won this door mat from a giveaway

My wife won this door mat few months ago from a giveaway. She wants to say thank you to Miss J for hosting the said giveaway. This mat should be for door. My wife wants it to put it in the kitchen. She said that she really likes the material of the mat. It feels comfortable with her barefoot. This door mat is best to keep the mud stay on the mat.

door mat that my wife won in the giveaway

We already have a big door mat in the mud room. My wife really likes the color too. It is matches our carpet in the mud room. This door mat is in our kitchen now. It works pretty well. My wife vacuums it mostly everyday. We used to have a blue mat in that kitchen. My wife put it somewhere instead. It still works pretty well.

Does your wife like to join giveaway too? My wife won several items from the giveaway. I do not mind her joining as long as we can use the item that she won.

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