#336 of 366 BPC Hunters in our lives

I want to welcome everyone for the last month of our Blog Photo Challenge. I am your humble host for the month of December. Please join me and share your beautiful pictures. I want to say thank you to Mommy Rcel of S A H M Collections for hosting the month of November. I will have some surprises to share as we go along to this challenge. Please do not be shy to join with me. You might receive my first surprise. I will also share $5 to those avid BPC that can complete the entire month of December.


My first entry is about the hunters in my lives. This is my Dad, my younger brother and I. We were down at my parent’s camp at the Southern Tier. Dad has the smallest deer shhhh please do not tell him. I grew up hunting. My Dad taught me hunting at a young age. I remembered my first bunny hunt when I was ten years old. It was fun hunting with my younger brother as well whom I miss so very much. I hope that I will get the chance to bond hunting with my son. He is only nine years old. He went hunting with me once. It was the great bonding with my son. He likes outdoor and hope that we can continue our hunting journey. He has no choice as it runs in his blood, right?

What about you? Do you have hunting experience to share? Do you like outdoor as well? Please join me on my very first hosting below. Thank you very much. 

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7 Responses to #336 of 366 BPC Hunters in our lives

  1. Shydub says:

    yay, first honor waaaa. nag una ang tunga tunga ra taman hehehehe. happy birthday to ya to mommy jess, early greetings sd ni.

    wahh, how many deer they get to kill every time to go on a hunt? the hunter of your life who hunt and capture your heart mommy jess hehehe. December BPC aja!!!

  2. Pinx says:

    so hunting really runs in your blood! i know your son will soon love to hunt, he will learn and acquire the skills from you. joining BPC again!

  3. Rcel says:

    I am not a hunter but ever since I have lived here in Wisconsin, I got to be familiar with how deer hunting works. People here are hunting fanatics! When I was taking classes at the university, even my professor was a hunter! :D I am sure K will be following the Daddy’s footsteps, Momi Jess because the influence is a given. :)

    Joining here, Momi Jess! I hope to be surprised with your surprises, but most of all, I am challenging myself to finish this one-year photo challenge posting the most entries because I know I can do it! Aja lagi daw! Lol.

    Happy birthday daan! :)

  4. emzkie says:

    we dont hunt mommy Jess but we got some deer heads here in the house that my husband has been keeping for our future house.

  5. Dhemz says:

    ayay, how exciting! ang birthday celebrant diay ang host this month…ehehehe….:)

    I’ve never been on a hunting escapade before mamijess…I would love to pero si hubby d mani sya mahilig ug ingon ani nga hobby…hehehe!

  6. marie says:

    sinsya na mom late na reps. it’s better late than never those are nice hobby hunt an animal is fun remember hubby he hunt a bird and dear i watch him however scary to look those dead animals. someday your K well also fallowing his dad’s footsteps.

  7. Chie says:

    Sorry for visiting late sis Jes. Anyway, congrats on hosting the 366 BPC this month. Last month naman diay no? I do hope there’ll be another season of 366 BPC. Anyway, what a lovely share for the first BPC this month, honoring the hunters of your husband’s life. it must be fun hunting for those deers although i pity them…

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