#343 of 366 BPC: Meet our goat Stanley

My wife is overwhelm and thankful for supporting this month’s Photo Blog Challenge. She wants to say “THANK YOU” so very much for all the participants who join everyday. She appreciates all your time, thoughts and beautiful pictures.

She is featuring our goat Stanley as her #8th entry of the blog photo challenge. My wife grew up in the city. I know that it is not easy for her adjusting to a country life. I am thankful that she loves living in the country. My wife was pregnant without first son in this picture. I was about to give our horse, Scud, a ride around the apple orchard. Stanley wants to go for a walk too. Do you know Scud and Stanley are inseparable? Wherever the horse goes, the goat will follow him too. They are the best buddies. I will ask my wife to post that picture if she can find it.

I do not have pets anymore. I do miss them. It is just hard to take care of them. I do not have the barn like our old house where they can stay cozy and warm during the winter. I am thankful that pictures bring back the happy memories we have with them. Now, it’s your turn to please share your memories and beautiful pictures.

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4 Responses to #343 of 366 BPC: Meet our goat Stanley

  1. Raya says:

    Aww, such a cute goat! And I love that name, too!

  2. Rcel says:

    I lived in the country when I was little and my parents were farmers. I grew up though in the city when I started to be so social but now, I would choose to live in a country than in a city, here in the US. There is peace and calmness in the country that the city couldn’t provide. That’s a nice photo, Momi Jess! Looks cold but beautiful! :)

  3. emzkie says:

    i bet your wife loves the countryside. i was a city girl as well, and move here in the country with my husband. at first it was tough, but later on i got used to it, and so loving it. nice photo of the goat and wifey

  4. Shydub says:

    heheheheh the name stanley reminds me of someone. you guys seemed to have lots of animals over there. Too bad scud and stanley arent there anymore. im sure you miss those pets. It’s like gave two wonderful animals up but gained two adorable bundle of joy.

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