Exploring Unique Exterior Additions

Whether you run a business or enjoy your personal property, the area surrounding a structure is just as important as the interior decor. Trees, land contours and other details create a distinct feeling as you walk onto the property. When you want to update the exterior with a modern appearance, explore some of these ideas practiced by the experts today.

Building Awnings

A fantastic way to update your home is by adding awnings. These fabric-based additions require a frame connected above windows or sliding glass doors. They’ll shield your family and visitors from the harsh sunlight so that you can enjoy the outdoors on warm days. The awnings will also reduce the heat that travels into and around your property. The shade generated by these additions can be significant, such as the shading provided by a nearby tree. Ideally, select awnings that can be extended or folded back when bad weather strikes.

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Elevated Decks

You might have a concrete area that’s great for patio furniture, but there’s a drainage ditch extending across the midsection. Consider an elevated deck that virtually hides the drainage without sacrificing functionality. It’s also known as a bison deck because of the decorative boxes that you can use on it for storage or plants. Because these decks are intricately designed around a property’s contours, expert installers should be consulted before tackling this project. Improper leveling processes can easily damage the materials or overall appearance of the deck.

Gazebo Retreats

Although gazebos are an old-fashioned element, their style is slowly coming back as a modern trend. Today’s gazebos can be built with so many intricate patterns. Designers can actually match them to the structure’s style so that every element on the property has a cohesive appearance. Add tables, chairs or benches to the gazebo. Install an herb garden, or decorate with potted plants. These retreats are versatile enough to spark any imaginative idea. They will require a concrete foundation, however, so consult with a professional before embarking on this project. Certain regions require a building permit as well.

Although you may be a proud do-it-yourself person, some exterior tasks may be too challenging for most people. Be aware of your limitations as you plan out a project. A professional’s help might cost extra money, but the project will be completed in a timely manner with every safety component enforced across the installation in the end.

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