How do you spend if you have this amount of money?

My husband sold his younger brother’s race truck. It is  a customized race truck that I am sure all the renovations cost more than the prize of the truck. My husband has a hard time if he wants or not to sell the race truck. It is a special vehicle that he inherits from his deceased brother. 

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I understand what his reasons are. I am sure that it is hard to let of you of something that means a lot to us. He seldom use the race truck. He has black truck and I have my car and this race truck. I am glad that he decided to sell the race truck finally. 

Do you know how much is the truck for sale? It was sell for 10K. I wish the money is mine. How do you spend the money if you have it? I will probably go in a vacation. I am going to the Philippines to see my Mom, relatives and friends? Of course, my husband does not like that plan.  
Instead he will use the money this way. He will deposit 5k to our mortgage. Pay the rest of the money to his credit card bills. I love that my husband always think for the future.

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