How easy canvas prints turned out our photo at the saloon beautiful

I met my wife almost 12 years ago. It was this month when I remember my flight to meet her in the Philippines for the first time. It was the most horrible travel that I ever experienced in my life. I was very excited to meet my girlfriend(now my wife) for the first time in person after exchanging letters and phone calls from each other for about eight months. Tragically, it was that day when America attacked by the terrorists. I will never ever forget that day. My flight was canceled. Until now I still have phobias when traveling. I am sure that you cannot blame me, right?

Thank you Easy Canvas Prints

Anyway, we finally met on the 12th day of September. I know that even her was confused why we did not meet each other during my schedule arrival. She has no idea that my flight was canceled. I finally called her two days after our scheduled meeting. I am glad that she meets me in Lumbia airport in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

Thank you Easy Canvas Prints

We spent ten days of our alone time together. It is the best days of my life when I meet her. I did propose to her. I am glad that she said yes. It has been ten memorable days to know my girlfriend and her family. We explore her home town and the beautiful island of Camiguin. I felt in-love with my girlfriend the way she is. She is very simple. I know that she does not like to wear make-up. I asked if I could pamper her. I love to spoil her with things aside from my love and care. I am glad that she agreed with me.

This is the picture of us after she was pampered. Does she look beautiful? I know that my wife always like this picture of the two of us. It reminds her how tiny we both are but especially her. The canvas arrived on time too. It was wrapped with care. It has a fragile sign on top of the box to let the shipping company to take care of it. This canvas is a size 16×20 and wrapped by 7.5 inches around it. The company did an amazing job. I really like it and so as my wife.

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I received this beautiful canvas but did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. It might be different from others.

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14 Responses to How easy canvas prints turned out our photo at the saloon beautiful

  1. Ria C says:

    That’s a very sweet review and revelation of how you met your beautiful wife. That canvas will surely be a good piece in your loving home.

  2. Nova S says:

    Awwwe.. what a very sweet story, nothing can stop the love no matter what, I’m glad you both were destined and if it’s God’s will, then so be it. She is indeed one awesome person no wonder why you felt in love.

  3. Oh wow, sexy mo dito sis. I love Easy Canvas Prints, they are so easy to work with.

  4. Riza says:

    Wow I love to know how you and your wife met. You know what I’ve tried before to search my special someone through online but it didn’t work. Haha!

  5. will check your recommendations - I am thinking also of putting my good photos into canvass

  6. Nova S says:

    I like that picture of you and your husband, you do look so sexy there.

  7. papaleng says:

    I like to put on canvas any of our photos since I like the finish product. Parang mas gaganda akong lalaki.

  8. Cheerful says:

    aww, that’s so sweet of you and thanks for sharing to us how you met your lovely wife. I bet Mommy Jes is happy to met you, too! and that’s a beautiful photo on canvass. :)

  9. I read the story, and was giggling. My husband noticed and asked why. Basically, I told him your love story. He too was pleased. Your story reminds us of ours.

  10. Shydub says:

    Jessica was still thin and slim in this picture. What a beautiful picture that holds wonderful and precious memory.

  11. jheylo says:

    How beautiful that canvas photo you’ve chosen mami jess. I love canvas prints too. They have the most quality product I’ve ever tested.

  12. Rcel says:

    Look at that picture! That is so sure filled with beautiful memories! Aw! Aren’t old snaps a treasure? That is a good choice for a photograph to be preserved like that, Momi Jess! Looks like it’s of great quality, too!

  13. TT's Mama says:

    I like this review! So sweet and filled with beautiful memories of those “firsts”. And of course, the canvas is one evidence of those sweetness! <3

  14. mtrguanlao says:

    A very romantic story! I like to put our wedding picture into a canvas. :)

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