How Understanding Resin Can Help You Find the Right Casters

The right casters can take almost any project to the next level. There are a lot of characteristics you will need to take into account for your casters, however, such as the materials used in the wheels and other parts. Understanding how phenolic wheels are made, for instance, can give you a good idea of whether they will hold firm under the weight of your project or compress into odd shapes.

Caster Parts

The main parts of a caster include the wheel, axle, and mount. These parts can help you determine which type of wheels you need for the project at hand. For instance, if you want your equipment or furniture to easily change direction, swivel casters may be the best bet. Other types have different materials for the wheels with unique properties, for instance, phenolic caster wheels

Phenolic Wheels

Phenolic resin is a type of polymer which is incredibly versatile. Wheels made from this resin have canvas embedded in the polymer to give it strength and shape. Because they are made out of resin, these wheels are resistant to spills such as grease, oil, and solvents. They are also quieter than steel wheels and a hard tread that can handle high capacities and impacts.

Putting It Together

The different types of casters depend largely on what parts are put into them and what the function of those parts are. For instance, if you need a high capacity and high impact wheel, then a phenolic resin one can be your best bet. If you need to be able to easily steer your equipment, then having swiveling casters is a must.

Having the right material for your caster wheels can impact the function and durability of your equipment. Not only can phenolic wheels give your casters a higher capacity than ones made from other materials, but it can help you keep the noise to a minimum while still performing the job.

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