How to keep your window beautiful with Homier curtain

This room supposed to be a dining room from the previous owner. For now it is a vacant room. Sometimes the kids use it as a play room. I know my wife wanted to buy a pool table to put in this room. She also wants to make this room her little library. I do not know what to decide first. We live it vacant room as it is now.

We have canvas photos displayed on the wall to add something so it won’t look boring. There is also a window. There used to be a sheer curtain but my wife thinks it is too boring and boring for the window. She is thankful that she received this Homier curtain that you can buy exclusively at Amazon for $39.99 and includes free shipping if your total order is $49.

What she love about this Homier curtain is? The color is simple yet classic. I also bought a rod which keeps the curtain makes the window beautiful. This Homier curtain is easy to assemble. It easy to clean as well. The curtain measures 50″W x 84″L Inches. It really adds the beauty in the room especially the window.

If you are looking for classic curtain, you should check this out. My wife and I highly recommends this curtain.


My wife received two panels of curtain from Homier in exchange of her honest review.

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8 Responses to How to keep your window beautiful with Homier curtain

  1. Mommy Levy says:

    so classy, I want one for the house.

  2. Jojo Vito says:

    I like the color of this curtain, it’s so classic and it won’t clash with any other decors should you decide to decorate further this room.

  3. Len Reallady says:

    Very simple yet beautiful curtains. So good to use on summer days. As of the moment, our curtains are huge and thick to keep us warm this autumn and winter season.

  4. Janice says:

    We have blinds here in our apartment instead of curtains. I wish we use curtains though because it does make a house look more homey even those as simple as the ones you’ve shown here.

  5. Curtains have a way of making our windows more beautiful.

  6. Nova says:

    I love those kind of curtains for my windows. Though we don’t have a bigger windows this still looks great on the small one we have.

  7. I love the color and the testure of the curtains. It makes the room look calm and peaceful.

  8. I love that, I have a set something similar to this. It lighten up the room.

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