Our pool is closed for the summer

It was 20 days ago when we closed our pool. Summer is finally ended so as the fun that our family in the pool. I always hired a pool guy professional to close our pool. There is no way that I can close the pool by myself. There are many steps to do though usually I do outdoor stuff except closing the pool. I rather somebody do it and pay them than to ruin our pool.

 photo pool closing_zpsobo5gctc.jpg

He is the only one who closes our pool and open it too. It took him at least two hours to shut down everything before closing the pool. He is a very quite guy that seldom talks but he did an amazing job. I noticed that his payment is increasing every year. I do not mind paying him. I also gave him a dozen of brown eggs from our chicken and tip to appreciate what he done to our pool. We will open our pool next May of 2017.

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