I always wanted a kind of a relaxing, comfy recliner for my working place. I went on saying that it should be a spacious chair. I wasn’t totally sure what that should be, but I determined at once that it has to be a reclining chair. I have actually been searching for a few weeks. Yes, weeks. Absolutely nothing I found worth my time, effort, or money. I didn't expect to sit in it every day. I simply wished a spot to read from time to time and play games. I couldn't afford a quality recliner, and all the cheap reclining chairs I tried were rather unpleasant.

I use Craigslist

Later last year, I pulled the rear seats out of the minivan and began browsing Craigslist for a suitable recliner chair. I don’t like Craigslist. Searching for what I want isn't always simple, and communicating with the sellers is typically weird or complicated. After two months of browsing, I finally picked something I wised. It was an old Lane recliner chair for $100. It is a huge, brown "leather" rocking reclining chair that was produced in 2007. I have found out that they still offer this model. It belongs to Lane's Summerlin line of furniture, and I have seen it listed for $900, but I’m sure you can bargain. Amazon seems to have an absolutely enormous variation of my recliner, Lane Home Furnishings Stallion, it's a great option as a recliner for tall men. It is 12 inches larger than my old reclining chair. I doubt that it might suit my working space.

two leather chairs in living room

Lane recliner isn't good

It is still in respectable condition, but the couple that offered it to me extremely insisted on me sitting in the chair before I buy it. Obviously, the seat cushion was drooping quite a bit, however, I told them it’s ok. I didn't anticipate sitting in it frequently. I was wrong about that. I sat in the chair daily, and the sagging was starting to trouble me. It was alright when I first sat down, but if you wiggled around a bit you'd end up with back pain. I decided to turn the chair over to check it out.

One spring is gone

The missing spring was expected when I turned the recliner over. Once I saw the issue, it likewise became obvious that the sagging seat was leaning to one side. This was really easy to fix. I bought a new spring on Amazon. Putting in the spring was a little harder than I expected. The hooks were still in place on the recliner, but extending the spring was quite challenging.

sofa springs repairing

I have no clue what to do

The first thing I tried to do was putting the spring into the location with my hands. I believed I was doing a pretty good task at first, once the spring was stretched to within about 1/4" of the hooks, the chair began lifting off the ground! I tried holding the chair down with my foot, but it was no use. I just couldn't get the spring into place. I tried a pry bar to stretch the spring into the spot. Then it was just a matter of using my other hand do guide the end of the spring over the hook. The new spring was a great update. It made it seem like a new chair. There was another issue, however. The brand-new spring is stiffer than the four old ones. The difference wasn't as extreme as having a missing spring, but it still was. It was Christmas so far, so I decided to wait until my vacation started to purchase another spring. I thought about changing all the springs, but the two external springs have a kind of curve to them. I'm not totally sure if changing them would be a good decision.

Trouble while repairing

So far I’ve visited my hometown. I boasted to all my friends about what a remarkable issue I beat up to this reclining chair, and I told them about all the important things I found out in the process. Several weeks later, I got back and returned to my home office. After a couple of days of sitting in my recliner, I realized that it wasn't as comfortable as it was before. The back of the seat was sagging a bit, and it was getting stuck under the frame of the seatback. If I pull the back of the seat cushion up and out from the back, then everything is fine. It’s enough to sit in chair 3 or 4 more times. Then you need to repeat it. It was easy to fix. All I did was pulling the remaining springs harder. I do not know if it is good, however, it is working quite perfectly. There are the same but weaker springs in the seatback. I pulled one of those springs harder as well. That made the back support a bit more stout, and now my lower back never ends up sagging into the frame.

old newspaper on sofa

Does it worth my effort?

I think it was certainly worth the effort. At least, I saved a number of hundred dollars compared to the new chairs I was taking a look at, and this chair is much better for me. The majority of the new chairs that I checked were too small for me. With this Lane recliner, I do not have to slouch to lean on the armrests, as I did with lots of reclining chairs. The arms are far enough apart that I can easily fit my elbows in between them, which is much more comfortable when working with my laptop. I wonder how frequently I actually sit in the recliner chair here in my office. And I realized how much I like this model, and I would have happily paid $900 for a brand-new Lane recliner. I would have never figured this out, however, if I hadn't bought this design, so I believe I made the best choice. The repair work was simple enough, but I did spend a lot more time than I should have, fixing the different springs. That is because I’m into tinkering, and partially due to the fact that I wished to make sure I had got enough info for this post. If your recliner chair is drooping like this, I'd definitely state that it is worth turning it over and having a look at the springs!