The tree on our front yard changing its beauty into the fall leaves

It was a busy day at our backyard. My husband and I stored all the outdoor furniture in our garage. We store some in our pool shed too. The backyard looks so empty without any furniture. I am glad that the tractor machine helps us carry the heavy furniture. We also store our pedal boat as we are not using it for the fall.

It was a hard work and we are a team. I do not mind helping him. It gives me exercise as well. It is not easy having a hard worker and handy man husband but you have no choice but to help me. It is the best for the family as well.

The kids arrived from school. They want to enjoy the warm day. They both know that the warm day will not last. The Buffalo weather is very predictable. We are use to having this weather.

PhotobucketI noticed that this one tree in the front yard is starting to change its colors. I ask my little girl to pose for Mommy.

PhotobucketShe did posed for Mommy and these are some of our pictures that. I am sure there are more to post.

What about in your area? Are the leaves changing its color already? What is your favorite leaf color?

PhotobucketI always love the red. I think it is beautiful.

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8 Responses to The tree on our front yard changing its beauty into the fall leaves

  1. Na pastilan kami wala man mi diria daghan kahoy nga makit-an namo magchange ang color… didto sa old place nuon namo mao ang maayo makakita mi na fall na fall na jud. I am excited!

  2. jheylo says:

    ay samot ka gwapa si pretty k ni tapad sa colorful tree 🙂 i rarely see red trees here in our place

  3. Bless says:

    That’s the beauty of autumn jud…But what more beautiful is your little princess…She is very pretty 🙂

  4. Dhemz says:

    awwwwwwww…pretty K is always the subject…really pretty! wow, fall na jud diha…dire wapa ko ka bantay mamijess.

  5. Freakyehs says:

    what a nice lil girl, pose willingly for mommy, gwapa imung dalagita mommy jess.

  6. Rcel says:

    Ka-gwapa nalang jud ni K oi! I love that second capture nimo Momi Jess. Nindot kaayo pagkakuha.

    It’s Fall here in our end, too. The trees are colorful na kaayo and yep, the temperatures are so tugnaw na jud! Brrrrrr!

  7. Momgen Reviews says:

    I always fall because the color change…Your daughter is cute and pretty…

  8. emzkie says:

    yep! its the time of the year to put away outdoor furnitures for the coming cold days. I love it when the color of the leaves changes. its very exciting to see. we could never get enough taking photos of it. you have a very pretty model mommy Jess.

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