My wife made me a very special photo book from Adoramix

Though I know that wife does not like me hunt wild animals. She understands that it is one of my greatest hobby. She still supported me with that. Sometimes I asked her to go the trapping room and helped me though she will not stay longer as she does not like the smell. I am glad that she is there for me.

 photo Photo book_zpsmrnz3qyp.jpg
I remembered he asked me what do I want for Christmas. I told her few things but getting a photo book she created from Adoramix surprised me. It almost brought me to tears. She also  printed me photos from my trapping from 2014-2015 which I do not have copies. It made me happy.

 photo Photo book A_zpsjljk1yul.jpg
Christmas was yesterday and also my wife’s 43rd birthday. She gave me gifts which I do appreciated. Receiving this photo book surprised me a lot. I really loved it and touched by my wife’s thoughtfulness. Thank you Sweetheart.

 photo Photo book B_zps4qk1yb8d.jpg
Photo book is one cool gift to receive on Christmas Day.

I want to say thank you Adoramix as well for the chance to captured all the memories I had on my trapping. The photo book is so beautiful. The photos are amazing. They even wrapped your gifts very carefully and shipped it on time. Check it out for yourself and you will be amazed of the customized  gifts for any occasion.

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2 Responses to My wife made me a very special photo book from Adoramix

  1. Franc Ramon says:

    A photobook can really be an excellent gift material. It’s special because of the customizations done.

  2. Got an idea for my treasured photos! Yep, this is a great way to compile my travel photographs

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