How to decorate your porch safely during the holidays

Our porch has snow on and off as weather permits. It is wet now. It was raining and snow this afternoon. My wife and I went to Home Depot yesterday to buy some new lights for the deck. We still need to decorate our porch. We need deck lighting that is perfect for outdoors. I know I have old lights. I have to make that the lights are working. My family does not stay at the porch. We still need to turn on the light on the deck sometimes especially at night.

 photo decklightning_zps7adf50f4.jpg

I work as a lineman by profession. I work in one of the biggest power company in western New York. Safety is very important though my work of duty. Even at home safety is the top of my families lists. I have to put the lights around the pool fence. I have to make sure that I know the holiday decorating safety tips. I do not want to get hurt during the holidays or my family.

How about you? Are you done decorating your deck for the holidays? You have to make sure that you have the perfect lights and always remember that safety comes first especially during the holidays.

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We had a real Christmas tree this year

Can you believe that we just had a Christmas tree? It is nine days before Christmas. We just bought a Christmas tree. Well, I am so busy with work recently that I do not get the chance to take out all the Christmas decorations in the attic. I do not think my wife can handle it by herself. It is tricky to open the attic. I am afraid that she will hurt herself.

 photo gotourChristmastree_zps10579a8b.jpg

We have an artificial tree. I decided not to decorate it this year. Instead I told my wife and my kids that we will get a real Christmas tree. My little girl had a guitar lesson. I dropped her with my wife keeping an eye on her while she has the guitar lesson.

 photo boughtsomelights_zps73e4f22a.jpg
My son and I bought the Christmas tree. We also bought a real wreath to go with our Christmas tree. My son had a free hot chocolate and a candy cane. He also get one for his little sister. The Christmas tree is on sale too. It was 30% off and is $35.

We started to decorate the Christmas tree. My kids were very happy and excited. We cannot wait to finish decorating the Christmas tree. I hope by tomorrow, the Christmas tree is all finished decorating.

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How to stay comfortable while talking to a crowd

I admit I am very shy. I do not know if I can face a big crowd while talking. I know that some people looks comfortable speaking while the crowd is listening to the speaker. I know that my summer babe wants a stand in her guitar. She is one enthusiastic baby girl of mine. I do not think she got that confidence with her. I am sure she got it from her Mom. I am wondering if the stand she wanted for Christmas is available in this Website I am sure that there is still time to order before Christmas, right?

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