Bought a new garden hose

Our old garden hose has a leak. It drives me crazy. I guess the kids use it without care. The hose is leaking. The spray is not working. I am tired of fixing it. I bought a new garden hose instead. My wife’s tulips are not coming back yet. I hope the chickens did not pull all the tulips we planted last fall.

bought a garden hose

I use the garden hose to clean my ATV so as my kids. The ice is melting. Sometimes the kids ride the ATVs. It gets so muddy. They use the hose to clean up the ATV. It works great so far. I hope this garden hose will last longer. I know my wife likes to water her flowers in the summer time. She will get mad at me if the garden hose is not working. I bought this garden hose at Home Depot.

How about you? What do you use your garden hose for?

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Thank you so much Tatutina for these beautiful and colorful ABC Wooden Letters

I still remember the first day I went to see my girlfriend now my wife for the first time back in the Philippines. It was September of 2001. I met her parents, her family and friends as well. I had an awesome time with all of them. They welcome me with their open arms.

Thank you so much Tatutina for these beautiful ABC Wooden Letters

My wife grew up poor but she is not ashamed of it. She showed me her room. She has a small room. I was very surprised that she only sleep in a piece of board and no mattress at all. I told myself that if I have a baby girl, her room is bigger and have to make sure she has a nice bed with mattress on it.

Thank you so much Tatutina for these beautiful ABC Wooden Letters

I got married to my girlfriend when she came to America. We are now celebrating our coming 12 year wedding anniversary. I am also blessed that we have our little girl. I knew my wife only want one kid. I also have another daughter from a previous marriage but she is grown up and has her own family. It took awhile for my wife to get pregnant. She even did not look when she gave me that pregnancy test. She even cannot believe that she is pregnant.

Welcome to my Princess room

We are very lucky that we are having a girl. My life then is complete. My baby girl will always have the best things in her life. She will always be my princess and daddy’s little girl. She will turn eight years old soon. How time fly goes so quick.

I just put shelves in my Princess room
Anyway, last week or so, I built shelves in her room. My baby girl always ask me to build her shelves in her room. I know I promise her and I did not break my promise. My wife is very happy with the shelves that I made. It makes the little girl’s room beautiful. She now can display her dolls, stuff toys or anything she wants.

Tatutina ABC Wooden Letters make my Princess room more beautiful

My wife is very lucky that Tatutina sent her the ABC Wooden Letters to add beauty to our little girl’s room. I liked the wooden letters too. I think they are colorful and beautiful as well.

We love Tatutina ABC Wooden Letters

The wooden letters that my wife received are all in pastel colors which coordinate my little girl’s room. K is orange with flower. E is green with dots. L is purple with dots. S is also purple with stars. E is pink with hearts. Y is also purple with flower. The little girl loves her room better. You can see the ABC wooden letters of her name in front of her bed. It is above the picture of her with her cousin P during her visit to the Philippines.

Is Tatutina ABC Wooden Letters looks beautiful?

Aside from ABC wooden letters, you can also find everything you need like alphabet charms, art canvas, art kits, baby gifts, bookend sets, collections, fun desk organizers, ha ha collection, jewelry boxes, kid’s medals, storage boxes, take out menu boxes, toys and gifts. Do not forget to check out their sale products s well. These beautiful items are perfect for your Princess and Prince.

Tatutina ships fast the missing letter E with a hand made note and extra Princess medal

My wife also like Tatutina because they ship your items fast. They wrapped it with care. The box is beautiful too. I’m sure that just like my wife, you will love any items you will buy from this Website. Their customer service is very fast. My wife’s order has a missing letter E and they ship the item very quick. They even included a free Princess medal which my little girl love. She is indeed my Princess.

Thank you Tatutina for the free Princess medal, my little girl loves it

You can also find Tatutina in other social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and You Tube so you will not miss any updates from them.

thank you note from Tatutina, very sweet and your welcome

My wife received the ABC Wooden Letters free. She did not receive any compensation. All the thoughts and opinions are 100% hers. It might be different with others.

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Change the door reclosure in the front

The door in the front door closes really loud and abruptly. The loud noise drive you nuts. It is also scary if you get caught and hurt yourself. I am glad that  I change the door reclosure. Now the door closes slowly and better. My wife is very happy too. The loud noise always bothers her especially when the kids get home from school.

change the door reclosure

I change the door reclosure in the front. I bought the materials at Home Depot. It is very cheap too. It is very easy to change the door reclosure too. Now the storm door closes slowly.

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