The perfect accessories for the clean freak musician

I admit my wife drives my being clean freak. I cannot help it. I want everything clean right on my very eyes. It is just the way I am. I know that she is trying her best to clean the house. Sometimes it is hard when you have kids, right?

Though I do not play any music instruments, this minibrute is on my top list if I have a music instrument. The best accessories to keep your music instrument clean and dust free. You should get one for yourself.

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Tips on how to invest

Exchange- traded funds make it possible for investors to invest in natural gas and oil industry without buying the actual commodity. Alternatively, investors can invest in the stocks of companies that manufacture or transport gas and oil. By having a wide portfolio of selected energy ETF’s, investors make significant returns through oil and gas royalties for sale.

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How to Invest in Oil and Gas ETFs
First, create an account with an online stockbroker. In case you already have an account, make a deposit. Before making a decision, you can go through magazines that provide the ranking of brokers. However, be sure to review your options and choose energy ETF that best meets your investment goals. It is also important to learn more about the terms and symbols of energy ETFs. Energy exploration and production companies have the IEO symbol. Direct natural gas and crude oil prices have the UNG symbol while gas and oil companies have the XLE symbol. Energy stocks with high dividends have the AMJ symbol.

Buy shares of the chosen energy ETFs on the stock purchase screen of your online brokerage account. The shares are bought the same way as individual stock shares. Key in the stock symbol and the amount of shares you want.


The most liquid funds for energy investment are listed. With about thirty different energy ETFs you can look for the most suitable. The value of energy ETFs is not standard. They increase and decrease depending on stock market conditions and commodity prices. Understand the risks involved prior to making an investment.

How to Determine Stocks to Purchase When Prices of Crude Oil Rise

People who invest in gas and oil ETFs, stocks, and funds make significant returns. Oil is an important commodity that powers factories that manufacture different products. It is necessary for synthesizing plastics and chemical fertilizers. The industrial world cannot survive without oil and this is why investing in oil and gas can yield substantial returns. However, making profits involves knowing a few tips about oil and gas stock trading.

A mutual Exchange Traded Fund is the easiest way to invest in energy. There are mutual funds which exclusively invest in resource companies and global energy. Other funds help to track the prices of crude oil. Investing in oil and natural gas mutual funds is one of the best ways of cushioning yourself from decline in oil prices.

Consider investing in alternative energy. In case crude oil becomes expensive or rare, alternative sources of energy such as wind, solar or nuclear will be required to fill up the gap. Investing in crude oil futures and currencies of countries with oil is a good way of making significant returns.

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Our pool opening for the summer

We opened our pool almost two months ago. We have to open it early because our pool guy scheduled it. He is one busy guy. He opened many pools. He also works at night. We rely on his schedule.

Our in-ground pool.

Our in-ground pool.

The water temperature for the pool that day is 54 degrees fahrenheit. It is bitterly cold. As the days goes by, the water temperature is getting better. I also use the heater sometime to let it warm. We have been using the pool many times though it is not officially summer yet. The highest temperature is 85 degrees. The sun, the solar cover and the heater helps the pool so comfortably to swim.

Swimming is one activity that our family loves. All of us are getting our tan but my wife is naturally tan. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, come on over and swim with us to help you and your family cool off.

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