Gadgets that will keep me busy

I really cannot wait to retire. I wish I can retire now. Our mortgage will be pay off. I cannot wait and move to my wife home country in the Philippines. I am sick of our weather in New York. I want a new life especially when I retire.

hauling all their rides  for camping

hauling all their rides for camping

My wife knows me that I cannot sit still. I always asks her what if I get bored in the Philippines. There is snow as what my kids said. They do not want to move in a different country. Both of them were baptized in the Philippines. I hope that they will change their mind.

 photo iprice shop_zps3cnhb4sl.png

My wife said that there are many things and places to explore in the Philippines. I believe her and cannot wait to experience the best of our lives together in a new country. My wife will make sure that I have all the gadgets that will keep me occupy. It could be for my tools, vehicles or anything that my hand will touch it.

She said that have all the categories that will keep me active. They also sell brands that are famous in the Philippines. I buy good stuff. I do not care for the price but I am sure that my wife will always find deals for me and my needs.

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We put out birdhouses back at the pond

My kids and I helped together put all the birdhouses back at the pond. We have the four all together. I never put the Purple Martin birdhouse yet. We also have more birdhouses back by the back yard.

Some of the birdhouses back at the pond

Some of the birdhouses back at the pond

My wife missed it when we put the birdhouses. She must be somewhere else. She did told me that she noticed that all the birdhouses are it. My wife love to take photos and am sure she will take pictures of the pond and its surroundings.

There is bird already in one of the birdhouse

There is bird already in one of the birdhouse

My wife is back by the pond when I arrived from work. She has the camera with her. I asked her what she is doing back at the pond. She said that she took photos and just admiring how clean the water by the pond is.

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How this mic is easy for the kids to perform

I admit that my kids drive me crazy when they so loud especially I am having a bad a time at work. My kids love music and loves to sing. Blame to their Filipino mother who loves music,

I heard from my wife that she needs a new karaoke mic. I hope that I can buy her a new mic. I feel badly that my summer babe stop her guitar lesson. I do not want to spend my money when she is not interested to learn. This mic boom arm am sure is perfect to watch her perform with a crowd if she never stop learning her guitar. Well for now, this Dad can dream, right?

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