How to keep your instrument safe and secure

Most of our outdoor stuffs were put away. We do not need them until spring again. Most of them are kept in our garage and in the pool shed. Everything is safe and secure while we are not using them.

How about you? Are all your outdoor furniture already put away? Are you also a music lover? Do you know that just like our tools, music instruments need to keep safe and secure as well. Do you play a guitar? You can buy the see MF to keep them clean and new while you are not playing with it.

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We used our fireplace for the first time

It is not officially Autumn yet but it is very cold already. We need to use our fireplace to get the chill out from the house. We also use the fireplace in the living room. I like the wooden fireplace in the family room the most though. It feels warm and toasty just to have the fireplace for few hours.


we used our fireplace in the family room

we used our fireplace in the family room

How about you? How is the weather in your area? Do you use a fireplace or turn on your furnace yet?

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Where to ask help when your air conditioning needs repair

It is getting chilly here in Western New York. The cold season is really approaching. I hate for summer to go but have no choice. This summer is so great. It was very warm which we loved. We turn on our air conditioning especially in our bedroom. It is working great so far. How about you? Did you turn on your air conditioning recently? Do you need help with your air conditioning? The best ac conditioning service in morrisville nc is a phone call away.

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