Our pool opening for the summer

We opened our pool almost two months ago. We have to open it early because our pool guy scheduled it. He is one busy guy. He opened many pools. He also works at night. We rely on his schedule.

Our in-ground pool.

Our in-ground pool.

The water temperature for the pool that day is 54 degrees fahrenheit. It is bitterly cold. As the days goes by, the water temperature is getting better. I also use the heater sometime to let it warm. We have been using the pool many times though it is not officially summer yet. The highest temperature is 85 degrees. The sun, the solar cover and the heater helps the pool so comfortably to swim.

Swimming is one activity that our family loves. All of us are getting our tan but my wife is naturally tan. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, come on over and swim with us to help you and your family cool off.

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Use your Groupon Coupons for tools that you will need for home projects

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All my opinions are mine. 

I cannot sit still even  after arriving from work. I know it drives my wife crazy. She is used to it by now. She said she rather wants me to do something around the house than nags her. We will end up fighting.

 photo groupon tools_zps2re8fpi2.jpg

I do love doing house projects especially when the weather is nice. I can do anything from outside which my wife prefers than bothering her in the house. Sometimes I have so many house projects that I am too excited which to start first. First, I need to use Groupon Coupons that will help save to buy tools like the Zoro Tools. Having this coupon helps me lot to buy not only tools but other things that I need in the house.

I usually ask my wife to go online for me and help me order tools or supplies that I need for my house projects. It could be little order or maybe bulk orders and using this coupon is a big help. Right now, I need to make an outlet outside so my wife can use her laptop. I also need to paint the railings around the patio. I also need to buy the umbrella that goes with the table that was blown and damaged by the wind. It is always something I need to do outside the house.

How about you? Do you have house projects that needs to get done before the winter? Are you looking for coupons so you can save money? Check out those Websites I mention above. You will be surprise of the money you will save.

 photo zoro tools_zpsxfwl32cy.jpg

Aside from the Websites above, please also check their Facebook and Twitter for home projects ideas and deals that you can avail and make your house beautiful as ever.

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Got a new GMC gray truck

I used to have a black Chevrolet Silverado that was paid off. I want another truck that is bigger than my old truck. I trade-in my old truck to this GMC gray truck.

Got a new GMC truck

Got a new GMC truck

This truck has same year as my old truck. I loved that it has five seats and four doors. There is the back seat where my kids sit. They loved it especially my son. This truck has more motor power compared to my old truck. I trade-in my old truck and paid me 10K. This new GMC truck cost 21K. I owe them 11K. I know that I can pay if off in no time as I paid extra payment.

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